Ever wonder where the nicest people are hiding? I ask myself this every day as I’m cut off in traffic, someone bumps into you on the street and doesn’t even say a word. Well, if youre looking for the perfect vacation…head to Bermuda. It’s a beautiful place where you can see your toes in the ocean and everywhere you go have a happy, smiling stranger at your service wherever you may go.

Bermuda is pretty much one of the most historical places I have been to and its not very old. Ever wonder who founded Bermuda? You guessed it…Juan de Bermudez. But he didn’t do much. He hated Bermuda, see there were these birds that pretty much sounded like they were dying after they opened their mouths so Juan decided he’d hop back on his boat and put it on the map with a skull and cross bones…what an awesome founder.

Years later, a fleet of ships set sail from Plymouth, England looking for a new British settlement. During a large storm, the fleet of 150 crew members landed up on the shore of Bermuda. Ever know why Bermuda doesn’t really have a national bird? well, these guys ate those squackers into practically extinction…

Well, after a while the crew managed to construct a couple ships and set sail back to England, but left a few crew members behind who lay claim to the island and name the capital, St. George…

Then in 1684 guess who becomes a British colony? oh yes you guessed it! Bermuda, so that’s why you see those cute little red telephone booths around.

Side note: til this day ships still avoid the Bermuda triangle…want to know why. Well…theres been over 400 ship wrecks due to coral reefs…see its not so scary after all…

Kind of interesting right?? If you want to know more your best bet is to take a catamaran cruise around the island and go snorkeling. Those people know a ton of stuff and the best part? It won’t be boring listening to the history like you’d get from a historian or the internet


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  1. Oohhh I love Bermuda!! Need to go back one day. You are so right about the friendly people, incredible isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by my blog, you are very interesting!

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