Dispatch & Boston!

Boston is such a great city. There’s always bustling people but it’s been one of the cleanest cities I’ve ev

er been to and with amazing food. Of course a stop at Quincy market is always one of the first things to do. There’s so many choices and you can always count on watching a performer or two break dancing or trying to escape from some contraption they’ve put themselves in. But, if you want some really good food make your way over to little Italy, a little more than 10 minutes away. They have some of the most delicious food and its always good to get a little culture in you. If you’re looking for some good pastries you’ll probably pass a few people holding a box of Mike’s pastries located on 300 Hanover Street. This place is delicious if you’re looking for some good cannolis and they are massive! I can’t finish one in a sitting (i’ve had better gelato though). Another place to go is Giacomo’s ristorante also located in the north end just a little ways up the street on the right. I think it’s the best Italian food i’ve ever had. It’s a tiny place so if you don’t want to wait long get there a little before opening. Their salads look amazing and their raviolis are delicious. Now, I’m italian and my grandpa owned two italian restaurants so I know a little about what I’m talking about. Also, try to sit at the counter because you can see the kitchen right from your seat and its always fun to watch your meal being prepared as you wait for it. 

Now, the main reason for being in Boston was to see the Dispatch concert at the TD Garden. Dispatch was all i hoped for in seeing the concert. They sang and jammed out on their guitars, harmonicas and banjos forever! Their set list was one every Dispatch fan would hope for and these guys seemed like they didn’t even take a breath when they played for almost 3 hours. The end of the concert was the icing on the cake, dispatch came back for an amazing encore dressed up in Bruins jerseys singing through the crowd. Pete even went crowd surfing for a little bit, but they didn’t do very well with that when the crowd almost droppedhim multiple times. At the end, my friends Will and Alex won a meet and greet with the band for donating to Amplifying Education, a group highly supported by Dispatch. They said it was pretty great, the only thing was there were no autographs allowed and one of the members was missing. You were only able to get one photo with Dispatch that Amplifying Education took themselves and posted on the website…kind of a sad meet and greet but definitely better than nothing!


  • Don’t buy pre-sale tickets. It’s seems like a great idea right? But, sadly it’s not. Buying the pre-sale tickets was a rip off! Our seats were located to the right of the stage in about the highest seat you can get to in the balcony. Hmmm…now I learned that if I had just waited for the regular tickets to go on sale I would’ve gotten much closer seats for the same price, not to mention you couldn’t buy most of the pre-sale tickets together so they give you the crappiest seats, what a great way to fill the worst seats possible? Oh yeah make people think they’re getting a great deal…how nice TD bank. If you do manage to get stuck in this problem there are ways to get out of the nosebleed seats. We were able to sneak down into the luxury seating. TD bank security doesn’t really care much and they don’t really question you. Just hope you’re not in someone’s seat. If you are, nicely say oh I’m sorry I was just visiting a friend for a few and….just move to some other open seats. 
  • Scalpers- Don’t buy the T-shirts inside. They’re a rip off. If you want the best price wait for a scalper outside at the end of the show. You can usually get them for $20 cheaper and talk them down.