Vacation packing!

It’s summer and before the best part of it you have to remember that the worst comes first…packing. It’s what everyone dreads before they hit the freezing water of Maine or have a lazy day at the beach in Cali. Here’s a few tips to a great vacation…


Things to remember, do and bring on vacation:


Spontaneity- People always over think vacations and it becomes some sort of crazy nightmare (trust me my mom is one of these people) remember it’s vacation and you need to relax and enjoy it while you’re there!


A Good Book- A new study is out that shows that reading can up your happiness level –anyone could use a little bit more happiness in their lives right?


Gym Clothes- It’s always a great thing to keep up your work out even on vacation but you don’t have to hide away in the gym, take a run across the beach plus everyone will get to see you in your cute gym clothes.


Save room for Dessert- If I could just go straight to dessert instead of dinner I would. I know those entrees look amazing but remember as your chowing down stop yourself before you’re stuffed because there’s always dessert on the way after, my favorite is key lime!


Bring an empty bag- You know you’ll be doing some shopping while you’re there and then you never have anywhere to fit it! I know I’ve sat on my suitcase a few times in the past.


Remember the camera- You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t, then no one else can be jealous of your amazing vacation and you always need pictures to cover up those dreaded dorm room walls!