Golden Irene Restaurant

It’s tucked away in a town called East Windsor, CT and if you didn’t know what you were missing you’d pass by it in a heart beat. Golden Irene restaurant is one of the best places to have Greek food and I would know because I’ve been going there for my entire life, seriously the owner used to babysit me while my parents had dinner (i was a bad baby).

As I sink my teeth into every bite of souvlaki on a pita (one of their best dishes) I send myself to Greece. Golden Irene restaurant is family owned and you will not find any nicer people than this restaurant and the waitresses think of you as family. It was all started a long time ago when Billy (the owner) had an idea of opening a restaurant over 30 years ago and brought over dishes from his home of Greece. Him and his wife Hazel created delicious dishes but today they stand back and watch their pride and joy, their son Georgie run the business which he does absolutely beautifully. In the past few years we have seen Golden Irene’s come alive. Everything in the dining rooms are brand new but the wonderful atmosphere is still the same. The new menu is awesome with decadent dishes of chickpea fritters and lamb kabobs oh and don’t forget their greek potatoes and their homemade salad dressing (ask for extra). When you go you better save room for desert because they have homemade baklava and it is to die for (i always have to bring one home because I’m too stuffed).

You may ask how do they get their name? It’s pretty cool, this is what they’ll tell you…

“Tucked away in a tiny corner of Athens is a small church dating back to the fourteenth century. Only the locals knew it…
Tourists must be guided through alleys and winding lanes. Inside this tiny church is a figurine of Saint Irene revered as the miracle Saint. Physical deformities, blindness, deafness and dumbness have at one time or another been repaired or restored.
Such miraculous cures have not been enjoyed by all. Only a select chosen few. Doctors cannot explain it, nor can people of letters… yet all who have entered the hallowed aura swear by it.
Why Golden? As, Thanks all those who approach the statue give gold coins or other gold objects.
The Golden Irene ………… The Power of Faith!!”

So, next time you’re looking for a wonderful Greek place, go to Golden Irene Restaurant, you’ll be treated like family.

18 Mullen Road
East Windsor, CT 06088
(860) 627-5971