Most important things that make up a life

I was asked, “What do you believe is the most important things that make up a life?” Well here’s my answer…

Plain and simple, peace love and happiness are one of the most important values in a woman’s life. One of my favorite classes was my women’s studies class I took Freshman year, my professor was crazy but she always made you think. I learned this answer from her. If people are at peace with everyone and everything, they are content. Love and relationships are very important, it is good to love others and have others love you and happiness is golden; everyone should live their life doing things that makes them happy. Most women share goals and have a large list of dreams they are trying to fulfill by the end of their life. You always need to be working towards something because it will lead to other things. Humans are social creatures that strive for connections with one another through friendship, family, love, humor, intellect, religion, work and many other aspects. Life is fulfilling when a person finds something personally meaningful to do while they are living because they define success through themselves. Also, finding spirituality is important to stay connected to a group that shares a common interest. Every day as a woman grows older, their interests and the subjects that is important in their life change. There is not a set standard and no two people share the same goals and dreams as the other. As a teenager, her love and work may be the most important, as a mother her children will be one of the highest on the list and as an elder spirituality before death might be the most profound. There is one thing for sure, everyone is seeking something, whether to make herself  happy or just satisfied, dreams are shared and goals are set and each woman works towards those goals until she reaches them and creates a new one.