Down that Red Dirt Road

It’s where I’ve learned so many things. You take for granted everything but when you think about it, what is it to really live unless you go out and experience everything you’ve been imagining and striving to do? I live in a small town, always have, not always will. You drive down the road and will pass cows, sheep and about any kind of farm animal you can think of (yes even alpacas count). Really, going down my dirt road to my house has taught me a lot. Don’t take for granted the small things. I always say I live in the middle of nowhere but really there’s so many beautiful things to do and see here. I climbed the largest tree in our town yesterday and it felt absolutely amazing. I never really stopped to look at it and it had the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen, not to mention my adrenaline was pumping from the height and my inner voice kept saying wtf did i just do? It was crazy and worth every single second. It helped me to realize sometimes you need to stop and see what’s ahead of you to really know what you’re coming to.

We have been given so much in this life and opportunities we never would imagine, until you really do. You go into the city and see so many people who need your help, just stop and look how amazing your life really is. Life isn’t just a 9-5 job and coming home to the television. Life is something you need to taste every single bite of. Do something so crazy, absolutely crazy you never would have thought in your life you could’ve done, that is when you are truly living.

I have seen so many people, loved ones, and friends die around me lately. Their lives were cut short way too early and what do they really have to say? Have you fallen in love, gone sky diving, ran away to somewhere or just taken a trip where you really had no plans for once? Life is so cookie cutter and someone needs to break the mold. Everyone just sits around and waits for people to do something but why can’t you be the first. Stop sitting.

Go for a drive, the path to heaven is full of sinners and believers. So do a little sinning. Have fun, go crazy and live your life. Do what you’ve always dreamed of doing but never planned on fulfilling and then you can truly say I’m living.