At Your Fingertips (Things to do before summers over)

Summer is right at the end of our fingertips and I’m just about scratching to hold on to it….well maybe not. I think an awesome year is to come. But it’s now turning to August and days are getting shorter by the minute (seriously, it’s called the fall equinox). Summer is slipping through our fingertips and winter is arriving and although the dusty glow of snow falling onto our faces is a sight worth taking in I get tired of it on about the second day.

Every night of summer enthralls a beautiful pink sky making those sailors delight but for the rest of us we need to grab at the last bits of summer before they fall away into pieces. Soon we’ll be waking up to the sounds of buses and shuttles, dragging ourselves (or not) out of bed into the morning frost of fall but for now we need to savor the last few days of summer.

I made a list for the last few ice cream truck rings and here’s what I want to do before it’s all over.

1. Grab a toasted almond ice cream from the famous ice cream truck man. He makes you happy but oh man do you want to kick his speakers off that truck sometimes.

2. Jump off a waterfall into a beautiful body of water. The feeling of breaking the glass water is so amazing and refreshing. It’s one of those things I yearn for when I dream about the summer to come.

3. Margarita night. A night with some friends and great drinks is a perfect way to end the summer fun.

4. Hula hoop!

5. Read The Help

6. Build a sand castle

7. Wake up next to an open window and some country music

8. Find the castle on the mountain

9. Go on the swing set and feel like you’re flying

10. Go for a long walk

11. Play with the puppies at the pet store

12. Jump off a rope swing

13. Take a vacation day with yourself and find somewhere new to go

14. Pick some sunflowers

15. Reconnect with old friends

16. Water gun fight

17. Look at the stars on a rooftop

18. Have a picnic

19. Watch the sunrise and sunset

20. Camp out

21. Catch fireflies

22. Find seashells

23. Run around barefoot

24. Make fresh lemonade

25. Make my favorite frozen desserts

26. Read some trashy mags

27. Go to a baseball game

Ok so I probably won’t be able to cross all of these lovely things off of my list but it’s great to have one to give you ideas and just go and have fun with your summer. The end is near and although were all dreading it there’s many amazing nights and days to come with the beautiful leaves changing color. What’s on your list?