Packing for College

Packing is probably one of the worst and most exciting things to do before the school year starts. It’s a totally new year and there are so many great things ahead of us.  Last week I was stuck with the great dilemma of having a yellow school bus sized load of stuff to be packed to head off to college. I think it was one of the most frustrating things to figure out where I was going to fit all of my stuff. Fortunately, I know a lot of people with SUVs and a good set of helping hands. Mostly it was just the headache of staring at all the stuff I needed and remembering everything before we really got to it that was the problem.

So what is there to pack? Well practically your entire life and the problem is you have to fit it in one of the tiniest rooms you’ve probably seen. So here’s a few tips…

Buy a clothes hanger for your car. Then all you have to do is take your clothes right out of the closet and they don’t get wrinkled. I think it’s been one of the best college packing inventions yet.

Try not to use huge storage boxes. They fit a lot of stuff but they also take up huge amounts of space that you could be using to fit smaller things in nooks and crannies.

Find some friends. Last week I had about 5 people helping me move. It was awesome because a 5 hour job lasted about an hour time and then you had the rest to decide wherever everything must go.

Remember to leave a space for yourself in the car. Packing can get hectic and in the fury of trying to fit everything you may forget you actually need to pack yourself for college.

Make a list for yourself of everything you may need and want so that you know that you have it and don’t forget anything.

For kitchen supplies and bathrooms, dollar stores are awesome. You can get dish soap, dish scrubbers, etc and you always end up throwing these things out sooner or later anyways so why pay a fortune.

If you’re going into an apartment remember to go grocery shopping before and get a few of the essentials so you don’t go running with your head chopped off after going through a whole day of packing and unpacking.

Happy packing!