Meadow Restaurant Simsbury, CT

I’ve always been fond of Japanese food but sometimes around here it is hard to find good sushi and if you do, it’s usually at a high price. I hadn’t gone to Meadow Restaurant in a while but we decided to head over there last night for a birthday celebration. I love the open atmosphere of the restaurant and in the summer the entire front wall opens up. We ordered the crab rangoon and calamari for starters. The rangoon was absolutely delicious but the calamari didn’t have as much taste as I would have liked. I tried the california maki which was very fresh and tasty and we also ordered the Kobe beef maki made with lobster inside which was very different and delicious. Our friends ordered Thai dishes and they were very pleasing to them also. All in all, Meadow is a great restaurant to go and not highly priced. They also have great lunch specials for under $10 throughout the week.