Some of my first lessons

So here I was, trudging down the cement sidewalks the past few days (the first day with way too much luggage). I was in the city of dreams, the city of culture and the city of fairy tales. I headed on the train to NYC and started my journey of being a new New Yorker. When I say “new” I mean it, I learned an immense amount of lessons my first few days in the city. My journey on the train wasn’t bad at all beside the hippie that sat beside me preaching his thoughts on weed, love and education throughout the whole train ride (note to self: bring head phones). Then it was off to me getting myself to my building where I lived and learning my way around. Here came the lessons:

Don’t get in an unmarked cab. I did not get in the black unmarked car that honked at me promiscuously my first morning in NYC but this I learned very quickly. They will try to pick you up and who knows where you’re going after that, hopefully it will just end up in a hefty fare but a lot of people are scammers (just like Craigslist)!

Doors in NYC are extra heavy, guess you need the extra protection and I could use some weight lifting!

Papaya on 86th street and 3rd is extra delicious. I never expected to like papaya juice but in the city where culture is everywhere you need to be open to new things 🙂

Take the express train whenever you can. My office ride went from 1 hour to 25 minutes. Think of all you could be doing in that time!

A college student on small pay cannot afford Soho (although it is pretty to look at) And the le petit cafe in Soho? eh nothing that will wet your whistle unless you want to pay triple for semi average food

I may have found my favorite Thai place that I may also be frequenting weekly. Enthaice on 90th and 3rd is absolutely delicious and affordable!

The city that never sleeps really doesn’t sleep.

It’s only been a few days and I’ve got the grid down pretty well. New Yorkers have it pretty easy. You can’t get lost unless you’re trying pretty hard.

And these were just a few of the fun lessons 🙂

Now that I’ve got the hang of this thing and the unpacking is all done I’ll be able to write a bit more often. I have many lessons to learn and stories to tell. ❤ A Cup of Tia