I’ve been living in the city for about a week now and man do my feet hurt, in a good way though.

I’ve been everywhere around this city to explore what it has to offer. Yesterday, I was headed down to Union Square and on my way saw a GIANT crowd of people around a food truck. Now in NYC if you see a crowd of people around a food truck it’s either delicious or there’s something going on (it was both!). So my curiosity took hold and I went over to check it out. They were giving out free ice cream! This wasn’t just ice cream though, this was specialized ice cream sandwiches with savory goodness in the middle. They had bourbon pecan,peanut-butter nutella…oh gosh I was in heaven (even the wrappers were edible!).

This was the food truck to find. The ice cream sandwich truck is called Cool Haus and I will definitely be making another visit this summer. If you want to find where the truck is next head over to their website here: And why was it free do you ask? Google Wallet this summer, a new application that you tap the back of your phone to anywhere they have a device (food truck, jamba juice, american eagle, etc.), is going to be in a new place giving some kind of delicious food away for free on them to show you how to use the app. Being a college student with a small budget I will happily try any free sample you will give me, hey I have no shame I’m on a budget. This app is awesome though. I signed up for the Google Wallet emails which will tell me the next place they will be going to find some savory free food. To find more information on them just go to their website .

After I got my sugary fix it was back on track to Union Square. I was a little surprised when I got off the subway and saw an Occupy Union Square on my first few steps. I thought the whole occupy thing was over (come on people get it together!). It’s definitely an interesting sight to see… Anyways… For the past few days I’d been searching for mexican food. I didn’t just want any Chipotle, Qdoba, Moe’s…(seriously there’s this many?) chain. I used my handy dandy phone and it took me over to Tortaria on 94 University Place. Tortaria is a mexican style sandwich shop and tequila bar. I went up to the register and ordered their taquitos and freshly made (right in front of you) guacamole. It was delicious and probably the best guacamole I’ve ever had. They even have 3 levels of spiciness to choose from. Everything there is authentic and freshly made and I will definitely be going back to try some of their margaritas. I did wash my delicious food down with some of their homemade lemonade which was perfectly tart. The best part about it I thought? It looked like an authentic roadside Bodega. There was also open seating so you could enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been lucky enough to have. I love finding restaurants that not only have great food, but a great atmosphere. Can’t wait to find even more places!

❤ A Cup of Tia