I Flew a Plane…Inside

One of my favorite experiences during my internship was heading down to Florida to JetBlue’s University. I never thought of flying a plane before but on one of the first days of my internship I was given a chance. The “planes” are inside a large warehouse and don’t look anything like a plane at all…from the outside. As you step inside the simulator the white bullet is transformed into a completely equipped cockpit. Everything on the inside is exactly like a real airplane. I headed into the cockpit and sat in my pilot’s seat, reaching for the peddles (and then…i pushed my seat up). Although they wouldn’t allow me to crash the plane (hey, someone has to ask) it was fun navigating my way to BOS airport. Even the screens simulate perfectly what you would be flying over and everything you would be seeing through the cockpit windows.  As you start your flight you will even feel the turbulence as you take off for lift off. It was completely amazing and so real! Who would’ve thought you could fly inside!

The White Bullet!

Inside the Cockpit of the Flight Simulator!

Amazing Day at the University!


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