Dim Sum in China Town

Dim Sum at Mandarin Court, NYC

I remember back when I was in middle school heading to China Town and finding it as one of my least favorite places I’ve stepped foot in. The streets were dirty, it smelled like rotten eggs and people tried to sell you pleather purses wherever you turned. Living in the city I decided to try the forbidden territory once again. Maybe it was just because I’m a few years older than I was back then or the fact my school had taken me into the middle of nowhere but it has shaped up a bit from the last time I saw it, you can still find merchants to sell you the pleather purses if that’s what you are on the hunt for though. China town in NYC has the largest population of Chinese people outside of asia. The area has grown (unfortunately over to little Italy) and it’s culture is vast. As you walk along the streets you can find many types of fruits and vegetables you may not find in a regular market. I was very interested in all of the different fruits I’ve never seen or tried before and the prices were amazing. While I was there I decided to buy a dragon fruit from a nice woman off the street. One of the great things about China town is that you can walk into any merchant and get a really great price for what you’re looking for.

As I was walking along the streets, my stomach started rumbling and I had never tried “authentic” Chinese food outside of the delivery restaurants I have around home. One of our family friends told us about Mandarin Court Restaurant on 61 Mott Street so I headed over for some dim sum. I walked into a whiff of delicious food and the clanging of dishes. As a first timer I had no idea what to expect but the restaurant said “serving the finest dim sum” so I had to give it a try. The floor is teeming with staff coming from table to table carting the dim sum. I had no idea what to order with the vast selection of food I’ve never seen before so I just started pointing at the dishes that looked good to me. The dishes were piping hot and fresh and as they hit our table I decided to dig in. The dishes range from vegetables, to dumplings to pork buns and all different meats. I did hear to stay away from the chicken feet (I’d rather not eat something that’s been scurrying through the ground most of its life). The food was very good and there was a constant stream of customers throughout our meal. I was surprised how affordable it was after all of the dishes we grabbed off of the carts to enjoy. My first dim sum experience was a good one and I’m excited for my next.