A Comedy Show at The Laughing Devil

If you want to find a great place that’ll make you laugh without breaking the bank on tickets, head over to The Laughing Devil in Long Island City. I’d been trying to find a great place to go see a comedy show without having to dig up every bit of change I had this summer and one of my friends mentioned The Laughing Devil to me this weekend. I looked up their website and saw names I’d never heard before but they seemed to be pretty reputable people gracing the stages of Saturday Night live and on MTV. The tickets were only $20 and we got them for half price so I couldn’t say no.

When you walk up to The Laughing Devil you could almost miss it except for the large-red-devil gracing the front of the club. As I walked in to the dark bar a doorman with some jokes of his own greeted us and we bought our tickets. Walking further in…only about a few steps… you realize that the space is very small and intimate place only allowing you to fit a handful of tables in. We were told that you had to order a minimum of two of something whether it be drinks, food or souvenirs but I didn’t mind since I wasn’t shelling out a ton of money for the show. I ordered a hard cider and their portabella quesadilla. I wasn’t expecting much from the bar food but the quesadillas were surprisingly tasty. The show started as we were eating and five comedians graced the stage giving us a two-hour show…pretty good for what we paid. Although some of the jokes were a little dry, 3 of the 5 were highly laugh-worthy. Perfect for a fun night of laughs with friends. P.s. if you check in on Facebook you can get a nice little surprise 🙂