Vinyl Wine (Upper East Side)

Vinyl Wine Shop

In the good ole NYC there are many fine winers appreciating their daily glasses and gulping down some fancy punch. I appreciate good wine but I come back to reality when I realize I’m still in college and not on a “real-world” budget just yet. So when my fine palate is craving some wine and I don’t have the technology teleport myself over to Italy or any of those other amazing places I so hope to visit someday I use my feet and walk myself over to Vinyl Wine. Situated in the Upper East Side and a preferrer of European wine is a great shop where you can fill your wine loving needs. As a still young entrepreneur of good tasting wines I often ask upon the fine lad up at the counter. Every time I’m looking for something, preferably a white wine fitting to my price range, they can pick out just the right one with some great advice to go along with it. While you peruse, stop and have a listen to their music as they are also a lover of some great tunes. Next time you’re enjoying a nice cheese and fruit platter pair it with some Vinyl Wine…check them out