An Irish Buzz

If you’re looking to enjoy a little bit of an Irish Buzz, the Buena Vista cafe is where it’s at. A long time ago, owner Jack Koeppler was told to re-create the Irish coffee. How did that turn out? Pretty well if you ask me. As you walk in the cafe there is a melody of people enjoying themselves at the bar meeting new tourism friends and others enjoying their breakfast, but not without an Irish coffee on the side to wash it down.

I walked up and sat myself on a stool at the bar. My three friends and I ordered Irish coffees and watched the bartender go to action. The goblets were placed on the production line of about twenty and filled with some hot water to heat them up. Then came the coffee, sugar and whiskey. After, it was topped off with some lightly whipped whipping cream and ready to serve. Take a sip and you’ll have a little morning joy. Don’t worry, you won’t be too wobbly in the knees after one.

To get to the Buena Vista cafe take Powell and Hyde Street Cable car towards Fisherman’s Wharf. You’ll be on the Buena Vista doorstep in no time to delight in some famous Irish Coffee and great company.


2 thoughts on “An Irish Buzz

  1. Even SF natives love this spot for an irish coffee; it’s always so cold on that end if the city which is enough excuse to pop in and get inebriated, and theirs are the best!

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