I’d Like Some Sourdough Bread Please

If you’re anybody you know that sourdough bread is one of the most popular foods that came out of San Fran. In search of sourdough bread (doesn’t everyone do this?) and some good soup to fill it up with we stumbled upon Boudin Bakery, the mother of all sourdough bread makers in San Francisco. Now, these people know what they’re doing when they go to make sourdough bread. I spotted sourdough hanging from the ceilings, going on pulleys and made into turtles. This place was completely packed and filled with smells of…well sourdough bread.  I ordered a Boudin Bakery classic, clam chowder in sourdough bread and gobbled it down enjoying every bit of it.

Boudin is on 160 Jefferson St. by Fisherman’s Wharf. They have great heated outdoor seating if you’d like to enjoy a view along with your meal. If you want some sourdough bread, which obviously if you’re visiting San Fran you should…unless of course, you’re gluten-free (sorry). Try their bread bowl with some delicious soup and if you want to go crazy, grab a turkey or crab made out of some bread. You can find those crazy (somewhat expensive) breads here, http://store.boudinbakery.com/seasonal-breads-c7.aspx.

Happy Calories and yummy goodness,

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