Beauty in Simplicity: Easy Skincare Guide to a Beautiful Face

True beauty is through simplicity. I hate walking down the streets of NYC passing by women who think that they need to have globs of makeup on to look nice. In reality, these women would catch the eye of a man much easier if they didn’t have any on at all. The saying less is more is the number one reality to makeup. 

It is estimated that an average women used 10 to 25 different skin care products in their makeup regimen each day. Each makeup contains different chemicals and compounds that are horrible for your beautiful complexion. Not to mention, if you’ve been using the same makeup for too long, your makeup comes to contain tons of bacteria. So how can you stop this madness? There’s a few easy and simple tricks.

1. Always Wash Your Face Before You Go to Bed!

Leaving makeup on your face is detrimental to your skin. Dirt and flakes that cling to your makeup during the day can cause problems for your eyes and skin if you do not wash it off at night. Wash with mild soap and water and drink, drink, drink water. Dove soap is a great mild soap.

2. Use an Organic Makeup

Bare Minerals is my absolute favorite makeup. It’s perfect for making your natural beauty come out and never be “too much”. Wearing bare minerals makes your face look fresh. This brand isn’t like any makeup. It allows your skin to breathe with its lightweight minerals when it’s on and I have never received a pimple since wearing this makeup. It also is so versatile and you are able to buy just about any color you need for a regular day or night out.

3. Stop the Tanning

I shouldn’t have to explain this but it leads to cancer. Have you seen the tanning mom? Just don’t, you may think it looks nice but everyone can see it’s not natural.

4. Moisturize

The perfect moisturizers are oil free. They don’t clog your skin. Neutrogena oil free moisturizer is my favorite. It feels light and never leaves your skin feeling oily. Coconut oil also leaves your skin soft, just don’t use too much and not if you have acne.


Always remember, you don’t need makeup to be beautiful.


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  1. I totally agree with your suggestion that women look way better without make up. I still don’t understand why it’s so popular-heck, I even wrote a whole post about it. We need to promote natural methods much more, great post!:)

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