Rainy Day Fashion for When it’s Raining Cats and Dogs

When it’s raining cats and dogs it’s a little hard to keep up on style, especially on a day when you have to trek to work while the rain is pinging off your face. I’ve found a few cute rain accessories that can make your dreary day a bit brighter. You may come to work with a bit of smeared make up on and a case of hair frizz but you’ll still look great with your rain boots and cute rain coat on.



Anthropologie Patterned Whimsy Umbrella

Moma NYC skyline umbrella: This umbrella changes colors when it’s wet. It’s so cute! It’s perfect for the NYC lover.

I love the design of this Orla Kiely umbrella and it’s extremely compact (perfect for purses)!

Although a bit more expensive, I love this Jean Paul Gaultier Guy de Jean Striped long umbrella. It goes perfect with any outfit and just looks classy.

Rain Coat:

I love this Burberry London Poplin Belted Trench. A classic khaki trench coat is a must have in any closet. You can always grab it in a fly and it will work with every outfit.

This jacket is perfect for a runner. It is water resistant and has built in venting. I think it’s adorable for all different occasions.

When you’re in the mood for a pop of color to brighten up a dreary day put on this Heritage Raincoat.

Rain boots:

Hunter rain boots are the go to when you’re splashing around in puddles. I love Hunters because you can buy them in just about any color and style and they actually look cute, unlike most.

The red Tom Joules boots have to be one of my favorite. They give a huge pop of color and the ribbon is so cute.

And remember…don’t forget to get an umbrella big enough to share with that perfect someone.



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