Fifties Living

In all honest truth I wish we lived in the fifties. I have a crazy love for vintage and if it wasn’t so expensive/hard to find I would probably decorate my entire apartment with vintage finds. There is also the fact that I am in my senior year in college and don’t have a job yet (hopefully soon).  With the soda shops, drive-ins and records I believe I might have been placed in the wrong century. There wasn’t a constant need to be connected to people and conversations actually happened in real life. Life was much simpler then and looks like so much fun. Here, I’ve compiled some of my favorite vintage pictures I could find.

I’m a bug lover (not in the insect sense). In high school I was known as “the girl with the lime green bug”. When my parents took me to buy my first car I wasn’t really used to the ideal of driving the most noticeable car in town but it grew on me. Anytime I would go somewhere my friends would stop or text me I saw you! The bug was totally me though. It’s fun to be different and that’s exactly what my bug helped me to be, my own person. I absolutely loved my bug and anytime I see one driving down the street it puts a smile on my face. It was the first time I had a bit of freedom and the flower holder was pretty awesome too.

I love this vintage dress form from velvet strawberries. I think it’s so cute even for decoration to put in a room.

You’ll soon learn I love mopeds and if I lived somewhere where they were actually a good way of transportation I’d have one in a heartbeat. 

Vintage bikes are adorable. They always make me think of living in a small town by the ocean. I could totally be a “townie” in a cute little beach town one day. 

Vintage records are great ways to decorate your apartment. Either hang them on a wall or stack them on a shelf.

Loving this vintage camera. It probably takes beautiful photographs. 

The designs from the fifties were great. Remember your grandparents kitchen? Mine still has all different designs in it. They’re such a great inspiration and fun to mix and match.