Flats for Fall

Although my love for boots always comes first in fall, it’s always great to switch up your outfit a bit. Flats are one of my favorite shoes because they are so comfortable and you can actually go for long walks without having to change your shoes. Living in NYC, my love for flats came in very handy when you’re walking miles a day.

These Steve Madden flats have a bit of edge to them.

I found these flats on etsy. They’re handmade and look so close to real ballet flats.

I love classic leather flats. You can throw them in your purse if your heels are hurting and they’re perfect for on the go. Plus, they go with any outfit. 

I love when you find flats with a pattern. It brightens up an outfit.

Although I can’t seem to find these flats anywhere, I absolutely love the style. If anyone can find anything similar please let me know.These are also handmade leather flats and just look oh so comfortable. Plus the tie in the front makes them a bit different. They also come in a variety of colors from red to olive-green.


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