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Ever since I first tasted sushi I have had it about every week of my life…well not every week but you get the picture. I have made my friends try it, some willing and some not and have become a sushi connoisseur. I’ve tried sushi all around the United States from a guy in Maine who traveled the world to find the most different sushi to a Mexican place in Texas. Whenever I go out with my friends, there’s always a newbie or someone who has no idea how to eat sushi, except with a fork or maybe their hands. I’ve collected most of what I know in a sushi guide for you. Hope you enjoy and then go enjoy some sushi too.


If you are interested in watching your food being prepared ask to sit with the “itamae” or sushi chef at the sushi bar. I love doing this because you can then get to know the sushi chef and they have wonderful suggestions and are happy to make something of their own design, usually not on the menu.


  • Never ask if something is the fish is fresh, it’s insulting to the sushi chef.
  • Ask the sushi chef what they recommend. Remember he can get very busy so try not to take up all of his time.


  • The wet towel is used for you to wash your hands before the meal. Fold it neatly before returning it.
  • Do not rub your chopsticks together.
  • Chopsticks should be placed parallel to yourself on the holder.
  • It is ok to eat sushi with your hands. Sashimi should only be eaten with chopsticks.
  • Ginger is considered a palate cleanser and should be eaten in between different types of sushi.
  • Place the entire piece of sushi in your mouth.
  • Do not leave your chopsticks sticking up in rice, it is rude in Japanese culture.

How to use chopsticks:

  1. Rest first chopstick in the crook of the thumb.
  2. Hold second chopstick like a pencil.
  3. Move top chopstick downward to pick up rice or sushi.

Best sushi for beginners:


  • California Roll
  • Sweet Potato Roll

Less Fishy:

  • Spicy Yellowtail, Spicy Tuna or Spicy Salmon
  • Shrimp roll (cooked)

What’s in these rolls?

  • California Roll: Cucumber, Avocado and real or imitation crab
  • Caterpillar Roll: Eel, Avocado and Teriyaki Glaze
  • Rainbow Roll: Assortment of sashimi (yellowtail, salmon, tuna, etc) on top with California roll inside.
  • Philadelphia Roll: Salmon, Cream cheese, Cucumbers and chive.

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  1. I am a sushi chef at one of our local eateries on the gulf coast. The sushi served in the US isn’t real sushi, and yes the crab in the rolls is imitation (actually fish pressed and dyed to look like crab)

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