30 Days of Crazy Beautiful

I’m not one to talk about my personal life much. To say the least, this semester of Senior year at college has been full of ups and downs, of surprises and of joy and sadness. A lot has gone on in the past few months, none that was really planned and it has changed me a lot. But, when things get hard you have to think of all of the other people who have it just a bit harder and how well they can handle it.

My uncle has Parkinson’s disease. He is the person that I look up to most in my life. He has had this disease for many years, yet every day he wakes up and gets out of bed and pushes himself. He may not be able to hold a coffee cup for long and it may be hard to walk down one block but he does it. Everyday tasks seem difficult and daunting but he not only does this as a strong person, he puts everyone over himself. Ever since I was born, this man has taken such good care of me along with every other person that he has met in his entire life. If someone needs help, he’s there with his tractor heading over to the neighbors to help out. If someone is struggling, he is there to help in any way he can. This man has the biggest heart and no matter what gets in his way or how hard it is for him, he is always there for others.

There are so many things in life that people seem to forget, so many beautiful things in this world. Sometimes you may have a day that is a bit hard but for others, it is a daily struggle. If they can do it, you can. There are so many crazy beautiful things in life that happen every single day and people forget to notice these instances. Today, no one really stops to just take a breath and think how beautiful something truly is or how lucky we are. People are so consumed with technology, the time and everything else going on in their lives they forget to actually stop and be thankful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just something simple or a large act but every day beautiful things are happening. Take a few minutes of your day and just think about these things, these people and how crazy beautiful our world is and the people in it.

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