The Best Feelings in Life

Some simple things in the world are beautiful. People don’t stop to think about daily tasks as something enjoyable. Sometimes we are all so wound up with stress we don’t stop and think about a good night’s rest or a simple hug between friends, we’re only thinking about what we have to do that day. Take today and find the simple things that make you feel happy. Feel free to share yours.

  1. The first time you tell someone you love them
  2. The first bite of your favorite meal
  3. Waking up on any holiday and feeling the excitement
  4. Hot Showers
  5. Walking through the first snow
  6. When you get a call for a job interview
  7. A hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time
  8. Crawling into bed after a long day at work
  9. Kisses on the forehead
  10. When you finally accomplish a task you have been working hard on
  11. Stepping on crunchy leaves
  12. Waking up realizing it’s the weekend
  13. Feeling Rested
  14. A long morning stretch
  15. Thinking in a long car ride
  16. Seeing family after a long time away
  17. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  18. The feeling of joy
  19. When it’s time to graduate and you think of all you’ve accomplished
  20. Listening to your favorite music in the car
  21. On a fall day when you take a big breath and feel the crispness in the air
  22. When someone scratches your back
  23. Morning jolt of coffee
  24. Sitting in front of a warm fire
  25. Watching the sun rise and set
  26. The first bloom of spring
  27. Saying please and thank you
  28. When someone opens the door for you
  29. Cooking a delicious meal
  30. A compliment

One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug someone you love, and they hug you back even tighter


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