Forever Young

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
May you stay forever young

Age is just an age. No matter where you are in life, make the best of every day. Don’t put your age on excuses of why something can’t be done, why you can’t take that next step. I’m truly inspired whenever I see someone who is much older than me still up and doing the things they love whether it be travel, adventure or even dancing.

One summer, my best friend and I took a Zumba class and there was a woman about the age of 70 who took it with us. This class kicked our butts every time we stepped out of the studio, but guess what? This lady shook her butt more than we could. That this woman didn’t care and showed me how much fun you could have no matter what age you are was amazing. I hope when I’m 70 I don’t care what others think about my age and can shake my butt like her. 

Ways to stay young:

  1. Travel- In the past year especially, I have found travel to be invigorating. Learning of new cultures, seeing new places and trying different foods is one of the best experiences you could have. See how other people live for once.
  2. Eat your favorite foods- Who isn’t happy when they have their favorite meal in front of them?
  3. Exercise- Work that heart of yours
  4. Don’t take everything too seriously
  5. Never bring anyone down- Even if you are going through a difficult time, be positive. Just because you can be in a bad mood, doesn’t mean you should bring everyone down with you.
  6. Don’t smoke- One of the easiest ways to cut your life short is smoking, just don’t do it.
  7. Never stop thinking- Keep your mind going. Read, do crosswords, play games, just think.
  8. Love unconditionally- Start taking a person for who they are, not who you think they should be.
  9. Share your life- Life is so much better when you share your memories with the ones you care about.
  10. Give yourself to do the freedom of whatever you want
  11. Be genuine
  12. Live in the moment- People never truly stop to think about what is happening now. It’s always how much money to get to the next step, how many days til graduation. Don’t always keep saving the pennies for later and spend one on yourself today.
  13. Just be young. Laugh, dance, visit, explore. Try new things. Attitude is everything.