Art Store Prints

Since I discovered Hull’s in New Haven it’s never been more easier to cheaply decorate parts of my apartment. When you walk in to the store they have tons of prints on hand. I love their prints because they look more real than buying a regular poster in target or somewhere else. The prints are all between $4 and $6 which is just in my budget range.

You can find prints at most art supplies stores, I found mine at Hull’s in New Haven, CT.

There’s so many prints to choose from! I love travel so I picked up two Paris posters and the London one at the bottom.

One of the prints I chose.

Since the prints look so much nicer when you frame them I picked up a wooden poster frame from Ikea for $10. If you want to go for the better deal they also have plastic ones for $5.

The finished product.

They look great in bedrooms and kitchens.

There you have it. A cheap way to decorate and it looks great.