One More Semester ’til Reality

It’s coming down to the wire, the last few weeks of first semester senior year of college that ACTUALLY COUNT. I may have just heard a rumor, but if your GPA sucks and isn’t going anywhere by now, it’s not going. Thankfully, I don’t have that happening for me. At least you can’t really mess up your grades over the last two weeks…at least I hope.

Now that I’m a few months away from the hat and tassle thing hanging over my head it’s about to get to the time where I’m asking myself, “Should I go to grad school? Is it time for grad school? Should I travel? Am I sick of school? What kind of job do I start looking for? What job do I even want?” These may just be a few of the rants going on inside of my head. Then of course, there’s the piece of paper that decides the truth of the matter, is your resume the perfect resume that ever was and is going to stand out in a pool of hundreds of applicants? Well, you may not have to be that completely amazing but you have to show them somehow right? Maybe if I stand on my head, drink a glass of water, write a poem and paint with my toes at the same time during my interviews they’ll like me? Or the more reasonable answer, think I’m crazy and move on to the next victim. After these thoughts, things eventually go back to the normal everyday studying and college life until the next time I look at Craigslist, Linkedin, the newspaper and any other form of internet/media that may post a job.

In a perfect world, I would snap my fingers and head off to Italy, France, Spain, Greece and come back in the perfect state of mind to start the best job in the world with an office full of better-than-Keurig coffee, a great boss, the coolest co-workers ever and not just a sit-at-your-desk-everyday job. My perfect job would be challenging, enjoyable, fast-paced, fun and help me to grow.  I’d be able to afford a super-awesome decorated apartment like the ones I see on Pinterest with a cuddly dog in the Upper East Side or Boston. There, I could continue my Foodie habits, travel and go out and share some good and bad stories with friends at a chic bar somewhere. Seems like the ideal world right? Yeah, we shall see. In reality I’m: cramming papers, shooting out resumes, stressing interviews and drinking way too much Keurig caffeine.

I’ve seen enough of last year’s graduating class to know most will be moving back home, taking a desk job and not living their twenties to the fullest. (I was really hoping twenties were actually like the roaring twenties) Yes, it’s depressing and I push it out of my mind as much as possible. Growing up is one of the best and worst things and with reality starting to loom over my head (must be why they decided on the cap to put there) I’m going to dream my dreams as much as I possibly can until then. With a bit of hard work, cramped fingers from sending in resumes and lots of wishing, everything will turn out fine right? The path starts here…we shall see.

Where I Wish I was:

Oh hey, Sicily

Oh hey, Sicily

What I Wish I was doing:

Life must be nice there

Life must be nice there

How resumes are driving me crazy when they ask you to “stand out”:

What If I sent my resume to them as a message in a bottle?

What If I sent my resume to them as a message in a bottle?


7 thoughts on “One More Semester ’til Reality

  1. Some unsolicited advice you didn’t ask for from someone who has weathered several career changes and two stints in graduate school: If you can afford it, travel as much as you can without going into debt. Better yet, see if you institution has a fellowships office and see if you can find some obscure grant that pays you to travel. DON’T go straight to grad school. Informationally interview ANYONE with a job you like. Do some homework about what you might like to do in a perfect world. Then see if you need to be in grad school to do what you want to do or if you can delay it. Great post–I have thought many of these thoughts. Good luck!

    • Thank you! That is great advice, I will have to look into fellowships. I want to travel as much as I can. Grad school is in the future sometime, but not straight out of college!

  2. Take charge of the process. Let your personality come out in your interviews. You have such a love of life and a passion to make your mark on the world. Learn what you can about the companies you interview with and let them know how you can contribute to their culture and make them better by hiring you.

    After reading a few of your posts, I just don’t see you having too much difficulty being either noticed or hired. Maybe you could go to work writing for a food magazine that requires you to travel to locations to get the “inside scoop” on the foods and cultures that inspire them. 🙂 Good luck!!

      • What’s stopping you? You’re young enough to do what you want. You have over 1,300 followers on your blog. Turn it into something more and use it to your advantage. Take the risks now and be who you want to be! You never want to look back and say “I wish I had…”

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