Beers Vs. Resumes

Beer vs. Resumes I may have spit out my coffee this morning and a grin came upon my face after reading this article. There’s a new study out that found that “Employers Hire Potential Drinking Buddies Over Top Candidates”. Some of you may cringe at this, but a college student just heading out may take this as a skip and leap. Knowing that the person hiring you is more looking to your personality than your resume is probably the best thing to hear in a while. Now, take a deep breath and put down the pile of resumes for a bit. They’re looking to people who not only “fit not only the way we do things but who we are.” So you better get those knickers out of a twist and work on that super-awesome personality of yours.

Some things to take from this:

You may want to dust-up on your squash playing skills.

Learn how to be a good friend.

Know how to have a good beer.

You better think of some cool tactics if you’re stuck in a snowstorm, stranded at the airport with your boss.

You should definitely read more Perez and stay up to date on your dirty-magazine gossip.

Travel your heart out.

Find some interesting things to do with your life.

Run a marathon.

Do not express an interest in 18th century literature and avant-garde film. (if you already thought of this)

If the hiring process if going to be unfair, you might as well tailor it to your advantage. Go out, find yourself some cool hobbies, fun life stories, culture yourself and become the coolest candidate ever.


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  1. It’s true! Cracking (appropriate) jokes and telling university stories got me my last three jobs. I thought it was unfair but not going to complain as it got me the jobs 🙂

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