Reasons Why I Don’t Trust Craigslist

It was one thing living in the city this summer, I absolutely refused to look for an apartment on Craigslist. I know a few of my friends who had interesting run-ins on the site with their new abodes. Here’s just a few stories of my friend’s experiences this summer:


  • Lived with a man who obsessively took pictures of his cat.
  • Kicked out because a woman came back from abroad a month early.
  • Found they were an illegal sublet, forced to move, placed in an apartment with broken mirrors.
  • Renting a spacious room! Which actually is a couch in the middle of someone’s living room.

You now see how Craigslist is on my “very sketchy websites” list. Now, as a college student I am looking to the site for something different. People keep saying to look for jobs on Craigslist so after I looked at them quizzically and asked them what are you thinking, I started taking a look and here’s what Craigslist told me I can become:

  • A Justin Beiber look-a-like! (dream job right there people)
  • The assistant to a nightlife promoter (not even a promoter? come on people)
  • Intern! (but we’re not going to pay you even though you graduated!)
  • A Social Butterfly ( I was too afraid to even read the description of this one)
  • A Chic Bartender (I shall market alcoholic beverages!)
  • Flyer Distributor (Because I always wanted to know how to glamorize stapling up posters on my resume)

….and these were just a few of the positions I found under the Marketing/PR/Advertisement section of Craigslist. Just what I wanted, a dream career in flyer distributing! My mom and dad will be proud after I tell them how far I got with my $200,000 education.

I’ve come to the conclusion of the types of positions Craigslist posts:

  • rottenecard_95156757_ysn3gnnh5bJobs that have no connection to your major
  • Jobs that will thoroughly embarrass you and cause shame
  • Jobs that you will be sketchily paid under the table for
  • Jobs that you will never get in a million years
  • Jobs that you will never see the light of day outside the office again
  • Jobs that you’re overqualified for
  • Jobs that may cause you to become crazy
  • Jobs that will pay you a million dollars!…in monopoly cash
  • Jobs that you’re under qualified for
  • Jobs where you’ll be walking around time square in some kind of costume

I think I got the gist of job hunting down on Craigslist. I’m off to try more legitimate sites. Happy hunting!





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