48 Hours in Boston

Deciding on a last-minute whim, my friend and I headed up to Boston last weekend to visit some friends and enjoy in some delicious food together. Boston is one of my favorite cities with its beautiful architecture, North End and cobblestone streets (just to name a few).


I always love walking along the water in Boston watching the boats and heading to the aquarium.

We headed to “The Times” for a nice frothy cold one, a heaping of an appetizer, and to enjoy a great pub atmosphere as we waited for our friend to get out of his fancy shmancy job in the Finance District.Β a0739463_BS_Elephant_and_Castle_exterior_1__P-original

Of course, mini vacations revolve around food so we headed to Elephant & Castle to get some delicious grub while I tried a Fruli Strawberry beer (but don’t have more than one of these sweet suckers). Yum!img_9448There were some delicious and unhealthy fries involved. (you must try the sauce)chicken-picks

And some chicken picks per recommendation. I don’t usually have chicken fingers but these were light, crisp and good. We rubbed our full bellies and headed out for a quick drink and for the boys to beat me in darts. (I did shoot myself a bullseye I was pretty proud of)


Day 2 we headed out to the North End of Boston, one of my favorite places. Why you may ask? Because it’s Italian of course. We didn’t head to Giacomo’s but I had to add it because you must go if you have the time. This restaurant is oh so good but you can’t make any reservations! You have to twiddle your thumbs in line like the rest as you look through the windows watching people eat delicious food that makes your mouth water. It is worth the wait if I say so myself. Do sit up at the counter and watch the chefs prepare your food if you can.


Needed a jolt of caffeine we hopped into Pavement Coffee House on Newbury Street.


Poor girl had no idea I’d be taking a picture of her.Β 2013-01-12_13-14-14_435


I tried a flavorful Spanish latte with sweetened and condensed milk. It was a great choice.

IMG_0201Always crowded, if you’re looking for the largest cannoli you’ve ever seen Mike’s Pastry is a must.

mike's pastry boston

With their plethora of decadent flavors Β you won’t even be able to choose! I take a walk to the North End solely for a cannoli when I go. mike's pastry boston

And if you aren’t a cannoli lover like I am there’s plenty of other desserts to choose from.mike's pastry boston

My choice? A decadent hazelnut cannoli.


How do you enjoy Boston?


48 thoughts on “48 Hours in Boston

  1. Looks delicious! I need to go to Boston soon to visit some friends. There used to be this amazing candy shop, Sugar Heaven, on Newbury, but I think they’ve closed. Bummer.

  2. Great Boston pics, especially the foodie ones and coffee. I’m always looking for that next place to get caffeine from.

    • Boston is a very different city! It has great food just like NYC but I believe it has a much different character. The buildings are old and beautiful, there’s still cobblestone streets and the North End still has a very Italian flair to it. Newbury Street is great for upscale shopping and Quincy Market is a fun place with tons of different kinds of food. There is also lots of great seafood! Boston though, is much quieter than NYC. I definitely recommend taking a visit.

      • Thank you for sharing so much more information. Boston seems to have everything I am looking for. I love walking on cobblestone streets. I think I will go mad at Quincy Market (did some research) with all the fabulous food. I know Boston crayfish is very popular. My mouth is already watering…And I love that it is quieter. Looks like I got to start planning. Thank you once again for sharing! πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t been in 16 years, but I loved going to Quincy Market. At the time, I didn’t know how much I loved the architecture and history, but having lived in Florida for some time now, I sure miss buildings over 20 years old. πŸ™‚

    • I love Quincy! I didn’t go this time though :/ The architecture is beautiful, almost every building has character but since it is so freezing here I’d be happy with Florida right now πŸ™‚

  4. Never been there but you make it look very enticing! With ‘Irish pub’, English pub (Elephant and Castle) etc there, I guess there must be a tea party or two?

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  6. Looks like a fun little trip! I keep getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger on a trip to Boston…seems like such a great getaway locale.

  7. The North End (on Hanover St) is also my best part of Boston. I’m also a huge coffee fan. If you ever go again, make sure you stop by CaffΓ© Vittoria! It’s right beside Mike’s Pastry (I’m not a cannoli fan either, but they were really yummy!) & they make the most amazing cappuccino!

  8. I could taste the fish n chips…great photography. Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking Cherry and Almond Loaf. You made a follower out of me.

  9. Once I can get back up north, I’m definitely going to be paying Boston a visit. This post just cemented that. Haha.

  10. This was the perfect post to discover today! I’m currently not sure the next time I’ll be able to head home, so it’s great to see pictures and read about someone else’s time in Boston.

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