Brunch at The Cafeteria in Boston

The Cafeteria is located on Newbury Street in Boston. A prime location for people watching and enjoying a nice breakfast before a day on the town. This isn’t anything like your high school cafeteria.  The Cafeteria dishes have a modern twist with sensational taste. The Cafeteria in Boston

I love the crisp, clean atmosphere of The Cafeteria.The Cafeteria in Boston The Cafeteria in Boston

I just love when drinks come in mason jars. It gives them a totally different vibe. I tried the Cafeteria Cooler with muddled oranges, lime, lemon and mint with fresh oj. It was so refreshing! Their drink menu was fabulous and they have a ton of custom infusions I’d love to go back and try.Huevos Rancheros at The Cafeteria in Boston

I ordered the Huevos Rancheros which has become one of my favorite dishes since visiting Austin, Texas this summer. The Huevos Rancheros are served with 2 eggs any style, tortillas, home fries, black beans, red and green salsas. Yummyyy. Truffled Eggs at The Cafeteria in BostonMy friend tried their Truffled Scrambled Eggs served on bruschetta and topped with arugula.

The Cafeteria in Boston

The Cafeteria was a great choice for brunch. It’s a nice, affordable option if you are looking for a sit-down breakfast with friends or that special someone. I will be back soon to enjoy in more of their meals.


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  1. This makes me want to go back to America so badly! I would come back tomorrow if I could. I love having drinks in mason jars, it’s just something a little quirky and makes ‘just another restaurant’ stand out from the rest :’]

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  3. Your breakfast looks fabulous. Thanks for being the first to like my brand new blog. 🙂 This place looks fun and I want to make a drink like this now! Thanks for the info.

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