What My Last Semester of College Has Taught Me, Thus Far

What My Last Semester of College Has Taught Me, Thus Far -acaffeinatedbrunette.comYes it’s getting down to the wire. Every time my professor mentions the amount of days until graduation we all cry a little inside. The last semester of college is the definition of bittersweet. College has been an amazing experience thus far and it’s almost over. It’s the last semester to take on everything you possibly can before you’re walking down the aisle in those very (un) attractive gowns. Here’s to making the best of everything…Cheers! Oh, and what I’ve learned…

  1. I don’t want to be old, I’m not ready to grow up!…Ok, now that we got that out of the way….
  2. Always be yourself and just have fun.What My Last Semester of College Has Taught Me, Thus Far -acaffeinatedbrunette.com
  3. They LIE when they say your last semester is your easiest. I see the papers, exams and books piling over my head daily. Climbing a mountain seems easier some days. (If you know me, I’m totally kidding about that.)
  4. Experience teaches you a lot more than your homework.
  5. Knowing waitresses and bartenders on a first name basis is a good thing.
  6. It’s OK to change your major- Hey, I started as music education and somehow got into Public Relations and Marketing. It’s not exactly a pebbles throw from music to marketing but it was the best decision I ever made.
  7. School comes first but fun comes second. If I stayed inside like some of my friends every weekend studying I think I would’ve gone completely insane.  There’s a balance between studying and giving yourself some time to relax and enjoy.
  8. Your friends are everything, be good to them and always make time for them.
  9. Don’t miss a St. Patrick’s day parade, New Years or Halloween.What My Last Semester of College Has Taught Me, Thus Far -acaffeinatedbrunette.com
  10. There is no “Too Late”.
  11. I need a job- The phrase “poor college student” is very real and the reality of life is coming sooner every single day. Here’s to sending out resumes until my computer breaks.
  12. Go out to dinner and try different cuisines. College is for experimenting in all ways. It’s ok to splurge every once in a while.
  13. Make time to do things for yourself.
  14. Love without regrets.
  15. Keep looking forward- I’ve learned a lot these past 4 years. Let go of the little things, the people who don’t treat you the way you deserve, and whatever happened in the past. Enjoy what’s about to come and make the best of everything you can. You only have a little time to enjoy every bit of what you have here.
  16. There is never a parking spot when you need it most.
  17.  Spend a little more on wine and martinis. It’s well worth the experience.
  18. Leave your comfort zone, take an internship somewhere away from home or try something you may not truly believe you’ll like. I never would’ve thought I’d intern at an airline and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I have a love for travel, appreciation of good food and culture more than ever before.
  19. Travel as much as possible.What My Last Semester of College Has Taught Me, Thus Far -acaffeinatedbrunette.com
  20. Take the advice of my grandmother, “Don’t talk to strangers, unless they’re taller than you and handsome.” She’s a smart cookie.
  21. Jungle juice is a bad idea, just have a beer.
  22. You can fail a class. Ask me how my first semester of college went in Communication theory, then how I got a 3.9 the next semester. You’ll survive, I promise.
  23. $5 movie nights are amazing.
  24. Just try everything, at least once.
  25. Always stay caffeinated ❤

43 thoughts on “What My Last Semester of College Has Taught Me, Thus Far

  1. Wonderful list, and I agree with the one about changing your major the most. From someone who changed theirs three times, it was the best decision(s) I made!

  2. Love this! As a second semester sophomore, I feel like I’m still finding the right balance in all levels of college life (I should really write this Chekhov paperwork…but I mean…going out to that Tarantino themed party sounds so much better…and so on). I’ll be keeping your tips in mind. One of my resolutions was Have Adventures, and college is the perfect time to do just that!

    • There’s always time to write the Chekhov paperwork (even though it sounds pretty horrible!) I’m so glad you liked them 🙂 Enjoy every bit of it, it goes by way too fast!

  3. Great post – you’ve seemed to have learned it all except you are only as old as you feel. I used to think when I hit ’30’ it’d all be downhill but quite frankly it’s been even better because I’ve been traveling more! Although for my friends with kids already I think that is when you ‘officially’ become old – IMO

  4. I’m a junior at MSU and can’t believe my senior year is almost upon me! I can vouch for just about everything you have on here, enjoy every experience and live life to the fullest! If theres ever a chance in life you can get away with staying out late and only worrying about school, it is college. Good luck on the job search! PR fo life 😉

  5. Well said 🙂 Thank you very much for these tips. I am also completing my last year of university this year and it seems unreal how quickly the time has passed! I often forget to just ‘live in the moment’ and take time to enjoy the things around me. I get too caught up in working hard and focusing on things I want, not realising that what I have right now is pretty great too 🙂

  6. This is a really great list, with a lot of wise perspective : ) ENJOY every last second of your time in college! Thank You for stopping by my blog this morning, too!


  7. I graduated a year or two ago but you’re definetly right about the homework. The last semester is usually the toughest. Our professors didn’t reminded us about graduation since we had mixed level classes most of the time but our college instituted these lovely *sarcasm* days till graduation clocks all over campus. They were awful.

  8. I love this. Sounds like you’ve really got it! I graduated (gulp) five years ago and still can taste the feeling of last semester in college. It’s true- it really IS the best time of your life, and no matter who or how many times people tell you it will go by fast… you won’t understand until you’re walking down to pick up your diploma at graduation. Sounds like you’ve had a great experience though… enjoy every last minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sounds like you’re a “smart cookie” too. I particularly agree with #20 and #21. 🙂 Thanks for the follow, btw.

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