Pancakes Galore at Cristy’s Luncheonette

If you’re looking for a scrumptious pancake in any way you can possibly imagine I’ve got you covered. Cristy’s place in Westbrook, CT is AHHHmazing when it comes to melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. Whether it be topped with fruit, banana crunch or some gooey chocolately goodness, they have it all, about over 40 varieties. It was a delightful stop and I’m usually not a big pancake eater but this place takes the cake. The restaurant is cozy but you may have to wait in line if you’re not an early riser. No need to worry, the line goes pretty fast. Not only do they just have pancakes but omelets, specialty coffees and a lunch menu with tons of hotdog options.

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1261 Boston Post Rd  Westbrook, CT 06498

9 thoughts on “Pancakes Galore at Cristy’s Luncheonette

  1. I’m not really a pancake girl, but those pancakes look to die for! I have no idea how I’d choose from among all the flavors, blueberry oat meal, peach, pumpkin apple? I’m starving!

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