Catching Up

I know it’s been a while, a couple of weeks since we’ve seen each other and I apologize.

But, here I am catching you up on where I’ve run off to these past few weeks.

I turned 22 and blew out the candles on my cannoli birthday cake. Yes, I don’t like cake, nor chocolate so my family has gotten my birthday down pat after 22 years. Oh, and we had some pudding with raspberries and whip cream (I could eat the whole bowl if they allowed it).

A caffeinated brunette

My parents gave me a beautiful present, a custom-made ring. I absolutely love it!


I discovered this awesome place in the Lower East Side which I will tell you about in the coming days. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall find which are my favorite kind.


For my last spring break ever…sigh…

A few of us headed to LBI where we had a fun few days on the beach, although it was only 50 degrees.


I ran along the beach, found some shells and of course, had to write spring break in the sand.480462_10152657268270434_1047326259_n

I also took a few trips to Brooklyn and Manhattan (mostly the Lower East Side this time) to catch up with some friends and enjoy some delicious food.

I have plenty of restaurants to put my pen to and they will be up soon.


I just had to add in a food picture.

Mushroom ravioli…mmmm.581676_10152613771425434_1696410092_n

And it’s St. Patrick’s Day today so this guy will be up on the blog in a mere hour…pinky promise!

Look at that scrumptious Irish Soda Bread.


I’d post the shenanigans of my fun around the city yesterday for St. Patrick’s day, but we will leave that up to the imagination.


18 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Hey there! Tonight concludes my final Spring Break as well 😦
    Hard to process through how fast this season has come and how quickly it is ending!

    Your week sounds delightful! Best of luck finishing strong!

      • You too! Do you know what you’ll be doing? Just reviewed your page – we have the same major! But not like that clarifies things with jobs, since it’s so open.

        • Sent out a ton of internship applications, little to no responses… I was in Manhattan in January as a PR Week Student of the Year finalist, but didn’t make it in the top 2… Still working on some other options 🙂

          Best of luck! I’ll be checking back!

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