Tacuba Taco Bar

Last week, my friends and I joined each other for an unexpected lunch at Tacuba Taco Bar in Branford, CT.

We originally were heading back to GZen to show our friend Jon what delicious food they had, but unfortunately it skipped all of our minds that it didn’t open until 4pm that day.

Lucky us, we found this Mexican gem right around the corner.

Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

Tacuba Taco serves authentic Mexican street food in, I’d say, a pretty cool atmosphere.

I loved the raw Mexican feeling of the walls and the bright colors as we walked in.

Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

We all savored over the menu before choosing our plates.

Although a small menu (which I love, it means they’re good at what they do), it was still very hard to decide.

FYI, they change their menu for dinner. You can find it here.

Tacuba Taco

I chose the Big Burrito made with the adobe marinated roasted chicken, and let me just say it is BIG but my belly was completely happy with the choice.

The flavors blended perfectly together. It was fresh and savory at the same time.

And the slaw in it? Gave it the perfect, fresh touch.

Nick and Sonia both tried burritos but Sonia had the Veggie filling and Nick the Pork.

Both gave it thumbs up.

Not the most beautiful picture of a burrito but look at all the delicious goodness packed in there…Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

Jon chose to try some of the Mexican Street Style grilled corn.

Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

He was too embarrassed to eat it off the cob so someone…(aka me) had to cut it off the cob for him.

I was fine with that as I got a spoonful to try for all of my (hard) work.

He also ordered the Quesadilla packed with lots of meat (what a manly choice) and oaxaca cheese.

Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

It comes with sides of pico de gallo, guacamole and a dollop of mexican crema.Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

I didn’t hear him talk much at lunch, he must’ve been enjoying his quesadillas too much.

Adnan decided to be the “different” one and try the taco plate.

As my eyes saw it, I knew I’d be coming back to try some very soon.

Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.com

The tacos come in freshly made tortillas and are topped with light, fresh ingredients specifically chosen by the meat (or veggies) you pick for each taco.

You can mix and match so you don’t have to have three tacos with the same meat.

Perfect for the indecisive ones (hem).

And, it comes with a heaping of black beans and rice.
Tacuba Taco, Branford, CT -acaffeinatedbrunette.comOh, and one of my favorite parts? Our meals came with miniature Mexican chewing gums.

They were definitely looking out for us…

You never know who you’ll meet right?

You can find Tacuba Taco at 1205 Main Street in Branford, CT.



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