One of my friends has a minor (I’m using the term lightly) obsession with crepes.

We popped over to Crespella in Brooklyn to enjoy a few mouth (& tummy) pleasing crepes.

Crespella brooklyn, NY -a caffeinated brunette

Like many places in Brooklyn, it was a wee bit small so plan accordingly.

You may be standing with a plate and eating your crepe if you head over at a busy time.

Or you can take your crepe to go in a sleeve which also doubles as a great paper airplane, trust me, we tried it.

But, still a great place to pop into for a savory or sweet crepe.

crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette


And you can watch them make your crepe right in front of you.

Now, if I tried making crepes, they would probably come out as crisp as burnt bacon (although bacon is delicious), so we left it up to the professionals.

crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette

I bobbled over if I wanted a sweet or savory crepe but my stomach was a grumbling so I decided on a decadent eggplant crepe filled with ricotta, mozzarella and a tasty spicy tomato sauce.


Eggplant crepe, crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette

It was delicious and I can say, definitely the best out of all of them (since I HAD to try everyone’s).

I washed down my meal with an almond milk latte which was REALLY GOOD.

I may be biased because I love the taste of almond flavor but I’d definitely recommend it over a regular latte.

Almond milk latte, crespella brooklyn

Jon had a 2B crepe with scrambled eggs, pancetta and provolone.

2B crepe, crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette

He also went back to get a sweet crepe with sugar which was yummy but a bit plain.

If you have a hankering for something more dessert(y) I’d recommend grabbing a raspberry and lemon curd under their sweet crepes menu.

Matthew tried their banana, peanut butter and nutella crepe but it was gobbled up before a chance for a photo op.

It was good but I’d recommend asking for a little less peanut butter unless you’re ready for a bit of an overload.

We also tried their banana, mocha coffee smoothie made with almond milk.

smoothie crespella brooklyn

You can find Crespella at 321 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Although, if you head over to their website, just beware the menu hasn’t been updated and some items have changed.




10 thoughts on “Crespella

  1. Oh that all sounds delicious. I have been making almond milk smoothies at home and crepes. I have this lovely little steel french crepe pan. It cooks perfect crepes.

  2. Hi, Thanks for sharing this yummy adventure.

    I have had a crepe maker in my cupboard for a few years (a gift) and hadn’t used it. My hubby and I broke it out about 6 months ago and our freezer is now always full of crepes just waiting for inspiration.

    After a bit of a fiddle with suitable dishes to put the mix in that would work with the maker (you dunk the underside in the batter) and finding the best recipe….so easy! Even better, hubby loves using the gadget while I whip up the fillings.

    I just made sweet yoghurt cheese and am inspired to serve it with a sweet crepe now. Thanks.

    I’m going to be spending some time looking back over your posts, now I’ve found your amazing blog.

    • A crepe full freezer! Sounds like heaven. I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog and thanks for sharing 🙂 if you have the recipe for the sweet yoghurt cheese please send it my way! Thank you!

      • I’m just working on getting some recipes up on my blog. I’m new to this blogging thing, so still taking way too long to edit and publish, but getting there.

        Shouldn’t be too long.

  3. Those crepes look and sound delicious! I’m the girl who always ops for savoury of sweet, but if I can have both, I’ll have both! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! =)

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