Zen of Northampton

The other night we went to one of my favorite little towns, Northampton.

It’s one of my favorite places to walk around and shuffle through the eclectic shops.

One of my favorites is Faces, they have a ton of odds and ends you’d never think you need except you always end up with a handful of goodies at the cash register.

faces northampton

It was a scathing 90 degrees out so we hopped over to the Northampton Brewery for a cold one and some of their delicious brew house nachos.

northampton brewery

They have a great rooftop with tons of seating, perfect for sunny days like these.


After we plumped around a bit more we started getting hungry again and ready for the main meal.

No, of course nachos weren’t enough.

We headed over to Zen of Northampton, a pan-asian cuisine restaurant.

zen of northampton

We started off with some delicious fried oyster shooterszen of northampton

And a plethora of chopped up sushi coated in a delicious sauce and left for fighting chopsticks.zen of northampton

As our main we just couldn’t decide and went for a bunch of rolls.

Caterpillar roll, Firecracker, Spicy tuna, eel and white tuna.

It was all delicious and fresh. The restaurant windows open up giving the place an airy feel and the set up of the restaurant gives a warm ambience. The staff was very attentive and the manager came to check to see how our meals were, extra nod for him.

Next stop, Maine this weekend. Hope you’re up for some more seafood posts to come!



16 thoughts on “Zen of Northampton

  1. I didn’t realise there was so much to do in Northampton…My parents lived there for a while shortly before I was born so I might be a Northampton concept.

  2. We lived there when it was a hip hippie town, before it was “eclectic.” What about Fitzwilly’s and and Silverscape Designs…still there? Still got the 5 Colleges vibe or is it just another New England touristy stop now?

    If you go to Maine, don’t forget to get a lobster roll at Red’s in Wiscasset!

    I love New England

    • It’s still a bit of a hippie town with a college vibe. Fitzwilly’s and silverscape are still there. I always go exploring for jewelry I can’t afford haha. And Red’s is always a must. Delicious.

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  4. If you were writing about Northampton in the UK, this would be a very different post! Love your photos and makes me want to spend a little down time browsing somewhere new.

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