The Friendly Toast

On the annual drive up to Maine I always have to stop at The Friendly Toast.

It’s a funky breakfast joint in Portsmouth, NH.

the friendly toast

And it has a bit of a whimsical flair everywhere you look. the friendly toast

the friendly toast

the friendly toast

Dolls, dogs and knick knacks are placed throughout the restaurant. It’s such an odd assortment you can’t even figure out what you will see next. the friendly toast

the friendly toast

the friendly toast

And who wouldn’t enjoy some life-size nutcrackers? I tried cracking them, I don’t think they were too happy about it. the friendly toast

the friendly toast

I ordered a fresh-squeezed lemonade and it was just enough bitter for my enjoyment. the friendly toast

Their different types of homemade bread are kind of the bomb diggity. They have cheddar jalapeño, anadama, wheat, all different!  I’ve tried just about all of them and each are absolutely delicious.the friendly toast

Instead of just chowing down on bread I ordered the Drunkard’s French Toast topped with creamy Grand Marnier and raspberry sauce. the friendly toast

I also had to steal some of my mother’s Carribean Waffle with pecans and caramelized bananas. the friendly toast



the friendly toast

the friendly toastIf you fancy some yummy breakfast, you can find the website here: The Friendly Toast.



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  1. nice review. I live in Southern NH, I’ll have to check it out at some point. Don’t go to the coast that often, but I’m willing to try any breakfast joints!


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