Black Sushi

One day I ran into a window washer outside of the Black Sushi House and we started up a conversation on well…window washing. Very interesting right? BUT THEN…

Well, long story short, we got down to the nitty gritty and he was actually the chef. A man who has traveled all over from Thailand to Vietnam and just about anywhere to seek the perfect sushi combinations.

I think he found some.

Every summer after that, I’ve been enjoying delicious creations from the same chef.

You’re going to like what you put in your mouth at this restaurant. IMG_1911

IMG_1899To start you always need the essentials: seaweed salad and edamame.



Blending flavors of sweet and salty perfectly, the squid salad has a huge amount of flavor. IMG_1903

My absolute favorite and what I keep going back for are the oyster shooters. (I actually made sure the owner ordered enough oysters for dinner that night, as they ran out the night before) They are just…exceptional. One of the best places I’ve experienced oysters. IMG_1945


Mango Madness Roll: Spicy tuna, fresh mango, asparagus, & avocado. IMG_1909


Sweet Jesus: I don’t know about sweet but Jesus this roll is good. This bangin’ roll includes escolar, lemon, shiso leaf, avocado and citrus tobiko. Can you say MMMmmm…


Green Eggs and Ham: Dr. Seuss may not have had anything to do with it but I can tell you, you will like these Green Eggs and Ham Sam I am. And if your name isn’t Sam? You’ll still like it…just trust me. This roll includes yellow tail with scallion, avocado and topped with wasabi tobiko. IMG_1908


Black Sushi is located on 259 Main Street. Just give a good hop, skip and a jump from anywhere in Ogunquit and you’ll make it to the front door. I can’t say the same about the walk back…


14 thoughts on “Black Sushi

  1. Sounds amazing…if I ever make it to Maine (a much desired road trip…), I will definitely include this stop on the itinerary! BTW, does the menu include black rice pudding as a dessert? Learned about this at a cooking class in Thailand years ago (using black rice and coconut milk) and it is fabulous…been searching for a similar version since…

    • They actually do not have black rice pudding :/ they change their desserts every summer. At the moment I’m not exactly sure of what they have…I was a bit too full after my meal haha. I know last summer they had a banana stuffed with nutella accompanied with cashew coconut ice cream. But if I do find a black rice pudding I will let you know!

  2. Your blogs about food are really bad to read when you are at work hungry. Just saying! 🙂 Anyway, looks very yummy, and I wish I lived on the east coast to enjoy this.

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