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Of course I had to find the sweets in town on one of my first days here. OF COURSE they had to look amazing and also taste delicious. I was really hoping they’d be horrible so I wouldn’t have to pass by this bakery and have my mouth start watering. It’s been a struggle not coming in here and gorging myself on their delicious pastries every day.

Oh, and that maple bacon biscuit you see in the corner? It’s the bomb, along with their beautifully glazed donuts and their…I could keep going but I’ll spare you. DSC00560

Huckleberry is a busy bakery and cafe in Santa Monica. On one of my first days in LA I came in to try the breakfast my friends raved about and discovered a ton of delicious food placed before my eyes.

Huckleberry cafe, santa monica - acaffeinatedbrunette.comI started off with ordering a perfect cup of tea. I was happily surprised when I saw Iron Goddess on the menu, my friend got me hooked on it a while ago and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since.

Huckleberry cafe, santa monica - acaffeinatedbrunette.comAfter my tea, it was time for breakfast. A breakfast it was, breakfast of champions that is.

J ordered the Brisket hash with arugula and two sunny side up eggs. The brisket broke apart and melted in your mouth. It was phenomenal.

Huckleberry cafe, santa monica -

I went with Dr. Seuss’ specialty and ordered the grown up version of Green Eggs and Ham. I was a happy camper after my first bite. If they were this good in the book, no one would’ve denied them. The dish comes with La Quercia prosciutto, pesto and arugula over an english muffin. And it just looks…pretty. Huckleberry cafe, santa monica - acaffeinatedbrunette.comYou can find Huckleberry Cafe on 1014 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. All of their pastries and desserts are cooked fresh every morning and make for a hard time to pass up. If you’re looking for a sweet tooth fix or a scrumptious breakfast, I highly recommend it.



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  2. Oh man, all these places that you are blogging about seem awesome! Wish I had known about your blog when I came to LA in february! Will have to jot down some ideas for my next trip down there!!

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