Ice Cream Lab

Ice cream is one of my guilty pleasures. I always try to stay away but I have some great excuses. Such as it’s summer in LA and hot. I mean, I thought it was a good excuse…

I heard of liquid nitrogen ice cream first through a webcast and was instantly interested in finding a place to try it.

I thought I’d have to wait until my travel to San Francisco where the home of the nitrogen ice cream, Smitten, lies but luckily I found something a bit closer to home.

Ice cream labs, beverly hills -acaffeinatedbrunette.comIce-Cream Lab in Beverly Hills is the first scoop to order shop in Los Angeles. Almost like a factory; milk, cream and sugar are transformed in seconds to a smooth and creamy concoction.

Ice cream labs, beverly hills

As you watch your ice cream develop behind the fog, your mouth may start to water in wait for your creation to be finished. I watched like a little kid in a candy shop as they made mine, it was such a fun process. Ice cream labs, beverly hills

I’m a big raspberry fan (I always steal handfuls of them from my grandparent’s garden) so I ordered their raspberry swirl loaded with fresh raspberries, vanilla bean ice cream and white chocolate drizzled topping. Ice cream labs, beverly hills

Andrew tried their Salt Lick Crunch with organic vanilla ice cream mixed with pretzels, caramel, and sea salt. It was a perfect combination of flavors. Ice cream labs, beverly hills

Jon tried their Banilla with fresh diced banana, nilla wafers and caramel. Ice cream labs, beverly hills

Ice cream labs, beverly hills -acaffeinatedbrunette.comAt Ice Cream Lab, everything is created right in front of you. As a plus, there’s no additives, preservatives, or chemicals. If you have an itch you can’t scratch for a frozen treat, Ice Cream Labs is the perfect place to get your fix. Ice Cream Labs is located at 9461 S Santa Monica Blvd. and if you’re going for a double whammy of sweets you can always walk down to the Sprinkles atm. (Which we of course did…shh)



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  1. Salt Lick Crunch… Umm brb, booking a flight to LA now!
    Hahaha I actually used to work at Sprinkles so I don’t blame you for stopping in for another little treat. They’re totally irresistible!

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