Sakana, Santa Barbara

As some of you know, I love sushi. I could probably eat it every day if mercury poisoning was the “in” thing this year. I was able to take a last-minute trip to Santa Barbara for a night and Jon talked me into going for sushi (which wasn’t hard). Tucked away in the Montecito shopping center you may just overlook this little sushi restaurant but it’s OH so worth it. We had heard about Sakana from some friends and decided to take a trip over. There was a bit of a wait but the hostess gave us a ring when our table was ready so we were able to walk around the little plaza.

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi


The restaurant has a very casual feel to it. They put all of the decoration into their sushi.


Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

The menu at Sakana can be a bit intimidating. They have so many sushi rolls you don’t even know what to do with yourself. So instead of trying to flip a coin to decide (we would’ve needed lots of coins), we sat back and let the chef do his thing and decide on what to feed us. I think he did a very good job.

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

To start we received their habanero yellowtail roll and the merry go round roll. It was phenomenal and we knew we were in good hands.Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi -acaffeiantedbrunette.comNext came a big boat of fish.
Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi -acaffeiantedbrunette.comVery fresh and delicious fish of all sorts.
Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

The sushi just kept coming. My mouth and belly were in awe and oh so happy. The next roll we received was their blackened yellowtail roll. Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi -acaffeiantedbrunette.comAnd last but not least the lobster melt.
Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi

Sakana, Santa Barbara, Sushi -acaffeiantedbrunette.comFrom the presentation to the sushi’s unique flavor Sakana will have you coming back for more. Sakana is one of the best places I have had sushi so far in my life actually. Definitely in the top three and I plan on going back very soon. You can find Sakana at 1046 Coast Village Rd in Santa Barbara. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Eating!



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  1. We couldn’t decide where to get sushi tonight in SB but we just set our stomachs on this place. Thanks for the great post 🙂

  2. I’m actually enamored with these rolls! They look sublime! If you are ever in Monterey, you’ve got to check out Crystal Fish on Lighthouse Avenue. They’ve also got a ton of really unique rolls, the fish is insanely fresh, and it’s just fantastic. PS you’re a great photographer! 🙂

  3. Ahh SUSHI! I seriously CANNOT get enough of this! For some reason sushi is like my absolute favorite food right now…it’s been like this the whole summer pretty much. That all looks so heavenly 😀

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