Peet’s New K-Cups

DSC01438_TEXTWhen I moved out to California a couple of months ago I had never really heard of Peet’s. Then I saw them popping up everywhere I went. Their coconut flavored iced latte and their new matcha latte won me over and I now love going to Peet’s (I go almost too much). This past week, Peet’s treated me to a cup of coffee at home. They just announced they are coming out with new K-cup packs and wanted me to try them out. I happily obliged as you all know how much I love my coffee.

peet's k cupsTo start, they’re coming out with a medium and deep roast. Their Cafe Domingo was my favorite I’d have to say. I go for more of a lighter flavor and this one had hints of toffee in it. And I’m definitely a cream and sugar coffee drinker. The Major Dickason’s was smooth and rich. I’m pretty happy I now have an excuse to use my Keurig, especially when I don’t feel like going out for coffee. Let me know in the comments, how do you like your coffee?

peet's coffee and tea

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4 thoughts on “Peet’s New K-Cups

  1. Awesome! Love your header image and I’ll have look into this. No filler and straight to the point! Nice.

    By the way I’m happy to see your site growing 🙂

  2. I remember going to one of the only two Peets locations on the planet back 25 years ago. With so many other coffee shops in Berkeley it was surprising that people actually stood in line at Peets. Now, Peets is enjoyable from time to time, but so are many local, small roasters. Enjoy!

  3. I like mine very strong and very black, made with fresh ground beans and a dash of salt on the grounds to neutralize bitterness. K-cups do in a pinch (like at family or friends’ places) because at least each cup is fresh and the flavor is usually pretty full. Always interesting to hear other’s coffee preferences, it seems it’s something different for every individual 🙂

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