Received from Dear Kitty. Some blog, a blog on cute animals, peace and art. Thank you!

Received from Netflix and Nutella, a girl obsessed with movies and travel. Thank you!

Received from Girl with Specks, a girl with an enthusiasm for beauty and life. Thank you!4232458_zps86e1f1c5

Received from Cooks and Facts, a girl with a love for sharing recipes. Thank you!

Received from For The Love of Sass, a college student with a sassy lifestyle. Thank you!

versatile blogger award

Received from The Anonymous, a blogger with no filters or censors. Thanks Anonymous!


Received from And The Moon Sees All, a writer of many things. Thank you!

Received from Catching Zees, a college grad and real world rookie. Thanks Zee!


Received from Fashion, Food and Flirts, a girl with a knack for making some delicious food. Thank you!Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegReceived from Barbells and Buttercream, a gal with a love for fitness and food. Thank you!

sunshine-blog-award super-sweet-blogging-award

Sunshine blog award and Supersweet blog award received from Talk Kindness to me, a blogger who spreads a lot of kindness. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your recognition. Each and every nomination is very special to me. I blog for fun and knowing that people enjoy reading A Caffeinated Brunette makes me so over-joyed and happy.


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