Peet’s New K-Cups

DSC01438_TEXTWhen I moved out to California a couple of months ago I had never really heard of Peet’s. Then I saw them popping up everywhere I went. Their coconut flavored iced latte and their new matcha latte won me over and I now love going to Peet’s (I go almost too much). This past week, Peet’s treated me to a cup of coffee at home. They just announced they are coming out with new K-cup packs and wanted me to try them out. I happily obliged as you all know how much I love my coffee.

peet's k cupsTo start, they’re coming out with a medium and deep roast. Their Cafe Domingo was my favorite I’d have to say. I go for more of a lighter flavor and this one had hints of toffee in it. And I’m definitely a cream and sugar coffee drinker. The Major Dickason’s was smooth and rich. I’m pretty happy I now have an excuse to use my Keurig, especially when I don’t feel like going out for coffee. Let me know in the comments, how do you like your coffee?

peet's coffee and tea

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What’s in the Bag? -San Diego

It has been absolutely beautiful out. 70-75 degree weather everyday, perfect for day trips -which I’ve been doing a lot of.

I thought it might be a bit fun to venture away from food today and try something new. So for my little day trips I’ll give you guys a peek into my bag.

What's in the bag? -A Caffeinated BrunetteI’ve been wanting to get down to San Diego since I got to LA and we found the perfect day to do it. I couldn’t wait to head down there and we were meeting a new friend, Gabe, from Strght. He makes these awesome hand etched skateboards and was kind enough to show us around.

I usually try to pack light but I like taking my iPad around just in case I quickly need something besides my phone. I also have been trying to do a bit more reading so if anyone has any suggestions on some of your favorite books I’d love to hear them. Besides the iPad, almost everything is an essential that I take with me on a daily basis.

What's in the bag? -A Caffeinated BrunetteA few weeks ago I ordered a bag from Timbuk2. I was so excited for it to come. They’re made right in San Francisco and I am so happy with it. (They are also customizable.) The bag is waterproof on the inside, great for bringing around every day or on little trips. It showed its stuff the other night when there was a group of men behind us at dinner doing sake shots. The shots pooled all over the floor. My new bag unfortunately got the short end of it but was perfectly fine with a little wipe off and drying.

What's in the bag? -A Caffeinated BrunetteEssentials: 

Papyrus Journal: I always take around a journal to remember specific restaurants, recommendations I receive and blog posts I think up along the way. Although it was a bit more expensive than a regular notebook (which it’s on sale now!), I love my papyrus journal. It’s so pretty it makes me want to write in it.

What's in the bag? -A Caffeinated Brunette

Grado Headphones: The family of Grado headphones are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they make amazing headphones. (Check out their wooden ones, they’re awesome) They also make their headphones right out of Brooklyn, NY. Couldn’t get any better than that right? The sound quality on their in ears is phenomenal. I take my Grados everywhere I go. They’re perfect on my walks around town or sitting in the coffee shop (or you can use them for a run, if you like doing that kind of thing).

What's in the bag? -A Caffeinated BrunetteFossil Wallet: Well, you can’t go anywhere without your wallet right? Unless you’re a very lucky girl I guess. I love my fossil wallet because I can just grab it on the go or pop it in my bag. It’s also very durable and cute I must say.


  • EOS mint lip balm
  • Pretty apartment keys
  • My droid razr maxx (please new iPhone come out soon!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Betty Loumanizer (for a bit of shine on your eyes, cheeks or lips)


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On the Move


I’m living in Los Angeles for a few months. Ever since I got my taste of California last summer, I’ve been itching to come back. Thanks to Jon, my wish came true!

It was kind of a whirlwind decision in the past two weeks. We grabbed our two bags, a flight and ended up in the sunshine of California. I may have had to sit on my suitcases and sacrificed some clothes to get all my stuff here but it was well worth it in the end. I can’t promise what may be coming back with me though. It’s still sinking in but I’m officially out here for the next few months so get ready for some West coast posts.


I’ve already become a bit of a Californian having my fair share of hiking and avocados. By the end of the summer I’ll be ready for a triathlon! (joking)

DSC00583And I’ve fallen absolutely in love with the weather, beautiful sights and the delicious restaurants of course. It didn’t take much for California to win my heart over.





DSC00606 I’m always up for suggestions so if any of you Californian folks have a place you’re absolutely in love with I’d be oh so happy if you sent me a comment. I’m off to another day of exploring and a mixer. Catch up with you all tomorrow!



A Mini Vacation…or Two


The past week was a bit of a whirlwind.

I went off with my family to Maine for a “relaxing” weekend on the beach, gobbling food and walking around the cute little town they call Ogunquit. I’m a seasoned Mainer (we’ve vacationed there just about every year of my life) so it was a bit of a familiar vacation. I was a happy camper fulfilling my list of usual shops and restaurants to stop in.


As we walked along I found a little gem. I have a minor obsession with vintage bugs. I find them completely adorable. This one won my heart over though, who wouldn’t love Herbie’s brother?IMG_20130602_162235

Over the weekend I was able to enjoy some rays with my friend Mairead on the beach and chatter about our lives and what’s new.

It took me a while to place my toes into the freezing Maine ocean. I can guarantee you the water didn’t go much further than that.


Oh…and how nice of someone to name a restaurant after me…

The day I came back it was already decided I’d be going down to Long Beach Island for some more sun and fun with friends.

I hopped back in the car the next day for a few hours drive down to LBI.


I was able to relax, swim, lose at some mini golf and enjoy even more food that delighted my belly…oh, and visit with some pretty great people.


It was an absolutely beautiful week of mini vacations. I found a ton of great restaurants and places I’ll be telling posting about this week.

Have a beautiful sunshiny week!