Zen of Northampton

The other night we went to one of my favorite little towns, Northampton.

It’s one of my favorite places to walk around and shuffle through the eclectic shops.

One of my favorites is Faces, they have a ton of odds and ends you’d never think you need except you always end up with a handful of goodies at the cash register.

faces northampton

It was a scathing 90 degrees out so we hopped over to the Northampton Brewery for a cold one and some of their delicious brew house nachos.

northampton brewery

They have a great rooftop with tons of seating, perfect for sunny days like these.


After we plumped around a bit more we started getting hungry again and ready for the main meal.

No, of course nachos weren’t enough.

We headed over to Zen of Northampton, a pan-asian cuisine restaurant.

zen of northampton

We started off with some delicious fried oyster shooterszen of northampton

And a plethora of chopped up sushi coated in a delicious sauce and left for fighting chopsticks.zen of northampton

As our main we just couldn’t decide and went for a bunch of rolls.

Caterpillar roll, Firecracker, Spicy tuna, eel and white tuna.

It was all delicious and fresh. The restaurant windows open up giving the place an airy feel and the set up of the restaurant gives a warm ambience. The staff was very attentive and the manager came to check to see how our meals were, extra nod for him.

Next stop, Maine this weekend. Hope you’re up for some more seafood posts to come!



Brunch at The Cafeteria in Boston

The Cafeteria is located on Newbury Street in Boston. A prime location for people watching and enjoying a nice breakfast before a day on the town. This isn’t anything like your high school cafeteria.  The Cafeteria dishes have a modern twist with sensational taste. The Cafeteria in Boston

I love the crisp, clean atmosphere of The Cafeteria.The Cafeteria in Boston The Cafeteria in Boston

I just love when drinks come in mason jars. It gives them a totally different vibe. I tried the Cafeteria Cooler with muddled oranges, lime, lemon and mint with fresh oj. It was so refreshing! Their drink menu was fabulous and they have a ton of custom infusions I’d love to go back and try.Huevos Rancheros at The Cafeteria in Boston

I ordered the Huevos Rancheros which has become one of my favorite dishes since visiting Austin, Texas this summer. The Huevos Rancheros are served with 2 eggs any style, tortillas, home fries, black beans, red and green salsas. Yummyyy. Truffled Eggs at The Cafeteria in BostonMy friend tried their Truffled Scrambled Eggs served on bruschetta and topped with arugula.

The Cafeteria in Boston

The Cafeteria was a great choice for brunch. It’s a nice, affordable option if you are looking for a sit-down breakfast with friends or that special someone. I will be back soon to enjoy in more of their meals.

48 Hours in Boston

Deciding on a last-minute whim, my friend and I headed up to Boston last weekend to visit some friends and enjoy in some delicious food together. Boston is one of my favorite cities with its beautiful architecture, North End and cobblestone streets (just to name a few).


I always love walking along the water in Boston watching the boats and heading to the aquarium.

We headed to “The Times” for a nice frothy cold one, a heaping of an appetizer, and to enjoy a great pub atmosphere as we waited for our friend to get out of his fancy shmancy job in the Finance District. a0739463_BS_Elephant_and_Castle_exterior_1__P-original

Of course, mini vacations revolve around food so we headed to Elephant & Castle to get some delicious grub while I tried a Fruli Strawberry beer (but don’t have more than one of these sweet suckers). Yum!img_9448There were some delicious and unhealthy fries involved. (you must try the sauce)chicken-picks

And some chicken picks per recommendation. I don’t usually have chicken fingers but these were light, crisp and good. We rubbed our full bellies and headed out for a quick drink and for the boys to beat me in darts. (I did shoot myself a bullseye I was pretty proud of)


Day 2 we headed out to the North End of Boston, one of my favorite places. Why you may ask? Because it’s Italian of course. We didn’t head to Giacomo’s but I had to add it because you must go if you have the time. This restaurant is oh so good but you can’t make any reservations! You have to twiddle your thumbs in line like the rest as you look through the windows watching people eat delicious food that makes your mouth water. It is worth the wait if I say so myself. Do sit up at the counter and watch the chefs prepare your food if you can.


Needed a jolt of caffeine we hopped into Pavement Coffee House on Newbury Street.


Poor girl had no idea I’d be taking a picture of her. 2013-01-12_13-14-14_435


I tried a flavorful Spanish latte with sweetened and condensed milk. It was a great choice.

IMG_0201Always crowded, if you’re looking for the largest cannoli you’ve ever seen Mike’s Pastry is a must.

mike's pastry boston

With their plethora of decadent flavors  you won’t even be able to choose! I take a walk to the North End solely for a cannoli when I go. mike's pastry boston

And if you aren’t a cannoli lover like I am there’s plenty of other desserts to choose from.mike's pastry boston

My choice? A decadent hazelnut cannoli.


How do you enjoy Boston?

Paul and Elizabeth’s Restaurant -Northampton, Ma

Paul and Elizabeth’s restaurant is a long-standing Northampton staple with amazing vegetarian options. Most of their produce is locally grown and organic and the food is always fresh. For someone looking for vegetarian and vegan options, it has a great selection. As we know, I definitely am not a vegan as I will consume or at least try almost anything put in front of me. I’ve been going for years and the restaurant consistency stays the same. Their food is flavorful and fresh. This time, I went for lunch although, I have to say if you are around for dinner, their noodle dishes are divine.Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunette Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunette

I love the light-airy atmosphere of the restaurant.Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunette

The lunch specials are at a very reasonable price. Look at how much food I ate!fish-chowder-soup Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunette

Their homemade fish chowder is good but I believe I would have went with a more flavorful soup next time.Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunette

Homemade wheat bread, house tea and their fish chowder. sweet potato fries Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunette

Of course, we had to order a heaping of sweet potato fries served with aioli and yes…they were finished. sandwich Paul and Elizabeth's restaurant review -a caffeinated brunetteI had the special: Sandwich with roasted tomato, fresh mozzarella, grilled red onions, and field greens tossed with balsamic vinaigrette dressing served on homemade herbed focaccia. The focaccia bread is OH so good.