Black Gold Records (and coffee shop)

“Tia, do you want to go to a coffee shop?”

-“Eh. We just ate.”

“It’s also a record store.”


That quickly sold me. A record store that sold coffee?

Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

Black Gold Records is a funky record, coffee, and antique shop located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

As you walk in, you hear the sounds of soft rock and warm crackles of vinyl playing on the turntable.

Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

Black Gold Records is a great place to stop in and fuel-up on caffeine while sifting through a few vinyls.Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

They also have a ton of obscure gems scattered around the little shop. Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

You can also grab some of their freshly grinded Rook coffee beans for home.
Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

The menu is pretty short but the coffee and tea are great. I ordered their Black Iced Tea.Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

I placed myself by the window with my drink and watched as people perused through records enjoying the music. Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunetteIf you end up in Carroll Gardens, Black Gold Records is a perfect stop for a refreshment and some music. Like me, you’ll probably end up heading out happily caffeinated with some sort of knick-knack to add to your collection.



Brunch at Brooklyn Buschenschank

Brunch is one of my guilty pleasures so I will jump at any chance I get to enjoy a morning of good food, good friends and mimosas.

My friend recommended we try Brooklyn Buschenschank so we hopped in the car and headed over.

I’ve been wittering on today trying to say the restaurant name without completely botching it. Try saying that 5 times in a row. (buschenshank, buschenshack, bushawhat, bushensomething, busch)

Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

We had an absolutely beautiful day out and the windows were open allowing for maximum ability of people watching.

Buschenschank is a tavern mainly specializing in German food and run by local farmers in Brooklyn.Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

The atmosphere is very relaxing and airy inside the restaurant.

I immediately bee-lined it to the tall tables (the cool tables) next to the window with a great view of the kitchen and outside.

Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

After studying the menu, I was torn between the eggs benedict, warm berry pancakes and the harvester. Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

With your brunch you receive a complimentary bloody mary, mimosa, coffee or tea.

Or you can always cool yourself down with a very large beer like this guy did…

Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

You can guess which one I chose.

Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

My friend had the Voveti Prosecco champagne with an orange blossom aroma, ripe peach and crisp finish.

It was refreshing but I’d have to say I enjoyed my mimosa much more. Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

To start, we ordered a large pretzel with bier cheese and spicy mustard, it was ambrosial.

I was a bit upset when the pretzel was gone and I had nothing left to scoop up the rest of the bier cheese.Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

I ended up going for more of a lunch type meal and had The Harvester, which came with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, mushroom, grana padano, mozzarella and fresh basil.

My main was delicious and fresh atop a tasty crisp dough.Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

Matthew tried the Steak and Eggs with dry-aged sirloin which was delightfully seasoned and comes with large hand-cut fries.
Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

Jon ordered the Di Verde which was piled high with fresh chopped spinach, tomato, red onion, and goat cheese served on top of a Margarita pizza and finished off with pesto, garlic and grana padano.

The fresh flavors danced delightfully together with each bite.

Brooklyn Buschenschank - a caffeinated brunette

You can find this German restaurant at 320 Court Street in Brooklyn, NY. Hop in for a cold brew at the bar or enjoy a large pretzel with some good company.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon walking around enjoying one of the first sunny and warm days in New England this season and hopping into a few antique shops. We also found a pretty cool coffee shop you’ll be hearing about later this week.


Smorgasburg Featuring: Asia Dog, Bite Size Kitchen, Sunday Gravy, Noodle Lane, Takumi Taco & Alchemy Creamery

I was so excited when I heard Smorgasburg was back for the season.

Smorgasburg is one of my favorite places to go to explore on the weekends in Brooklyn.

It is a food flea market with a plethora of delicious places to choose from.

It’s like a foodies’ paradise and as a plus has a pretty great view of the city.
Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


Our first stop (first of many) was Asia Dog.

Asia dogs are hot dogs with Asian inspired toppings.
Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


Everything on their list looked good and I was left with a hard decision.

I then asked the woman behind the hotdog which she recommended. asia dog Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


She recommended the ITO and said it was a bit spicy but awesome.

asia dog Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


They already had my eyes and mouth-watering with their hotdogs on display so I paid her and waited patiently for my hotdog.

The ITO came and I took a large first bite.

It definitely had a kick to it but it was really good.

asia dog Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


At a food flea market you can’t just go and try one food (unless you’re crazy or something) so my friend and I decided to split each of our foods so we could fit in even more places to try.

Next pit stop was Sunday Gravy.

Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


Sunday Gravy has a special meat sauce with a slow braise of succulent beef and pork, sausage and meatballs, simmered with plum tomatoes, garlic and basil (and a few other special secret ingredients.)

Now, I’m Italian and a bit of a snob when it comes to a tomato sauce, but I’d have to say this one gets a thumbs up on my list. DSC00031


I’ve tried Bite Size Kitchen in my previous frequents of Smorgasburg so I’ve come to know this little gem. bite size kitchen Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


I recommended Jon try the pork which comes with the freshest of ingredients in a soft bun.
bite size kitchen Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette

The braised pork belly comes with cucumber, scallions, hoisin, and pickled jalapeños.

It puts a smile on your face after the first bite.

bite size kitchen Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


Next, I HAD to go over and try the smokey bacon cheese.


beer cheese Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


This weekend was beautiful for walking around Smorgasburg.

Great for burning a few calories in between your next mouth full of food. Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


We went a bit later (around 4:30) and Smorgasburg closes at 6 so unfortunately a few stands started to pack up.

I missed getting myself some Ramen noodles but I did find Noodle Lane which made me equally happy. noodle lane Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


I tried the Dan Dan noodles with medium spice.dan dan noodles Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


They were light and fresh with a bit of a kick to them.

I smothered them in the sauce at the bottom and took a large bite.

YUM. That’s what I have to say. dan dan noodles Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


It was Jon’s turn to pick and he decided on Takumi Taco. Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


I’m in love with sushi so I seconded his decision and we headed over.

He ordered the spicy tuna taco with sashimi grade big eye tuna, jicama, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, and crispy gyoza shell.

I’d say the best choice on the menu.
Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


Just look at all that goodness in a shell.spicy tuna taco Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette

Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette


Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunette

After walking around a bit more and rubbing my full belly (while patting the top of my head) we decided we forgot about dessert and headed over to Alchemy Creamery.

They were all out of their magical push pops of ice cream and cake (which I will be back for since they looked MAGICAL).

Instead we ordered the caramel ice cream with salted walnuts and oh golly gee were they good.

Smorgasburg - a caffeinated brunetteIt was a very successful day at Smorgasburg.

I highly recommend hopping over whether by train, car or wings to try some of the delicious foods they have to offer.




One of my friends has a minor (I’m using the term lightly) obsession with crepes.

We popped over to Crespella in Brooklyn to enjoy a few mouth (& tummy) pleasing crepes.

Crespella brooklyn, NY -a caffeinated brunette

Like many places in Brooklyn, it was a wee bit small so plan accordingly.

You may be standing with a plate and eating your crepe if you head over at a busy time.

Or you can take your crepe to go in a sleeve which also doubles as a great paper airplane, trust me, we tried it.

But, still a great place to pop into for a savory or sweet crepe.

crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette


And you can watch them make your crepe right in front of you.

Now, if I tried making crepes, they would probably come out as crisp as burnt bacon (although bacon is delicious), so we left it up to the professionals.

crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette

I bobbled over if I wanted a sweet or savory crepe but my stomach was a grumbling so I decided on a decadent eggplant crepe filled with ricotta, mozzarella and a tasty spicy tomato sauce.


Eggplant crepe, crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette

It was delicious and I can say, definitely the best out of all of them (since I HAD to try everyone’s).

I washed down my meal with an almond milk latte which was REALLY GOOD.

I may be biased because I love the taste of almond flavor but I’d definitely recommend it over a regular latte.

Almond milk latte, crespella brooklyn

Jon had a 2B crepe with scrambled eggs, pancetta and provolone.

2B crepe, crespella Brooklyn, NY -A caffeinated brunette

He also went back to get a sweet crepe with sugar which was yummy but a bit plain.

If you have a hankering for something more dessert(y) I’d recommend grabbing a raspberry and lemon curd under their sweet crepes menu.

Matthew tried their banana, peanut butter and nutella crepe but it was gobbled up before a chance for a photo op.

It was good but I’d recommend asking for a little less peanut butter unless you’re ready for a bit of an overload.

We also tried their banana, mocha coffee smoothie made with almond milk.

smoothie crespella brooklyn

You can find Crespella at 321 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Although, if you head over to their website, just beware the menu hasn’t been updated and some items have changed.