A Backpack and a Trip to the Bahamas

I left my apartment Saturday morning with a backpack and headed to Nassau. When I stepped off the plane people were undecided on what my backpack and I were doing in Bahamas, especially the woman at customs when she saw we were only there for a night. After we were stopped by about 3 people thinking we lost our bags we hopped in a cab and headed over to the Towne hotel. When we got to the hotel I was pretty surprised how decent it was for the price we were paying which came to about $110 with taxes. The hotel was pretty cute inside with very hospitable people. I was also surprised to see a pet parrot as I walked in. I was so excited to talk to him (he is a parrot right?) but he didn’t seem to like people very much as he tried to snap off my finger with his beak. I gave up on the parrot and headed to the hotel room. I was surprised that it actually was pretty clean, the only complaint was the bathroom shower could have been a bit cleaner. Let’s just say I was not going to touch any of the sides of that shower. I was only staying for a night so I shrugged it off and dropped my bags.

The hotel was within perfect walking distance to Junkanoo beach, a pretty cute beach within proximity to the town. I was in heaven as I stepped into the warm, crystal clear water. The locals were jumping off the edges of the docks and there were plenty of people around. On the beach lies a little shack called the Bikini Tiki Hut with about the best priced drinks I’ve ever seen. I of course ordered a coconut and asked the bartender to make his favorite drink. He told me of sky juice, a local drink that is known as a Sunday night dinner specialty but of course, with his own twist. He started to pour ice, moonshine, banana rum, coconut, milk and whatever his heart desired into the blender. When he placed it in front of me (in my coconut) and I had a sip I was in heaven, it was like a banana milkshake. I would highly recommend the Bikini tiki hut sky juice if you’re ever in town I must say. The people at the shack we’re also very friendly unlike some of the other locals, I was beginning to learn throughout the day that anywhere you walked someone would try to sell you something from a smoke to some hair braids.

The rest of the town was a bit of disappointment to me. Everywhere you turned was an American fast food restaurant or shop, not something I wanted to see after I left the US. I was beginning to realize why people loved the all-inclusive resorts. The town itself was very commercialized but the beaches were worth the trip. It took us about an hour to find a ferry-boat without being stopped by a stranger trying to take some money from us. On our ride, a man came on the boat and told us about some of the details of the island. I was pretty surprised to hear as he pointed out a warehouse that 80% of the food came from it (probably not the cleanest looking place). After our boat ride my stomach was growling with hunger. We decided to take a walk past the hotel and go down to some restaurants our taxi driver pointed out on the way over that morning. As I read each menu along the 6 restaurant path I began to notice a trend, every single restaurant had the exact same menu. We pretty much played eeny, meeny miney mo and picked a restaurant from our vast selection…. I’d been hearing about conch salad all day and I always like to try native foods so I had no question when I was asked what I wanted to order. Now, I like most foods but when my chewy conch, tomato and onion salad came I was less than pleased. The food was HORRIBLE! By then it was getting around 8:00 and once the cruise ship goers head in everything shuts down. We were at the point of giving up and I have never had a craving for American greasy french fries more in my life after my unsatisfying salad. I didn’t think I’d ever say it but I went to a tropical island and had McDonalds for dinner. And that was that, sometimes you do appreciate American fast food.

Town of Nassau

Junkanoo Beach

Bikini Tiki Hut

Towne Hotel Nassau, Bahamas

Mean Parrot