I Flew a Plane…Inside

One of my favorite experiences during my internship was heading down to Florida to JetBlue’s University. I never thought of flying a plane before but on one of the first days of my internship I was given a chance. The “planes” are inside a large warehouse and don’t look anything like a plane at all…from the outside. As you step inside the simulator the white bullet is transformed into a completely equipped cockpit. Everything on the inside is exactly like a real airplane. I headed into the cockpit and sat in my pilot’s seat, reaching for the peddles (and then…i pushed my seat up). Although they wouldn’t allow me to crash the plane (hey, someone has to ask) it was fun navigating my way to BOS airport. Even the screens simulate perfectly what you would be flying over and everything you would be seeing through the cockpit windows.  As you start your flight you will even feel the turbulence as you take off for lift off. It was completely amazing and so real! Who would’ve thought you could fly inside!

The White Bullet!

Inside the Cockpit of the Flight Simulator!

Amazing Day at the University!


My First Morning Jetting

Flying JetBlue!

It’s my first day of work and I’m off to sunny Orlando,  FL. I started my day waiting for a shuttle driver at 4:15am who didn’t feel like showing up til around an hour later. (I’m a bit sleep deprived at the moment) I guess I better get used to these early or very late flights. But who am I to complain? I get to travel places this summer I never would have dreamed of doing if it weren’t for my internship with JetBlue. After that it was off to the place where people can fly, the airport. LaGuardia airport was much easier than I expected. I may have been a little lucky avoiding the crowd at JFK this time but I’ll be over there in a mere week heading off to Salt Lake City. I did forget sunscreen was not allowed in my carry on, I guess I’ll have to avoid too many rays today as I had to ditch it at the airport or go through the process of checking my bag. Once that was over, it was a breeze. I watched the clouds bubble up outside my plane window and then I was off.

The airplane ride was a lot of fun and it is true, you do get the same service in the air as you do on the ground with JetBlue. (and their snacks are delicious!) It’s been really exciting to see the JetBlue ads, especially getaways around subways, airports and more. Getting the experience of flying with the company I’ll be working for on the first day was pretty great.

I have to say,  I have met the nicest people on my journey as a JetBlue intern already. I don’t usually hear people talking about how much they love their job but whenever I mention I’m interning for their company their eyes brighten and they don a huge smile on their face. Each person I have met from in the office to flight attendants could not say more about how working at JetBlue brings joy to them. One woman even told me how she worked at a pretty large film company and gave up her job to be a flight attendant for JetBlue and would never look back. I am truly lucky to be apart of this company, if only for a mere 10 week internship.