Bourne Bed and Breakfast

I’d have to say I was never a huge B & B girl.

I love hotels but my parents happened upon this place last year.

Bourne Bed & Breakfast is a cute victorian house centered right in between Ogunquit and Perkin’s cove, giving you perfect walking distance to each area.

The owners, Ross and Charlie, are some of the friendliest people you will meet and will go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfast

Every morning you will wake up to a delicious breakfast made by Charlie. He will ask your food preferences and wake up time making sure everything is ready so you can go off on your day in Ogunquit. Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfast

Staying at Bourne you’ll feel like you’re at home with the friendly service and peace. Bourne bed and breakfast

And if you ask kindly enough they’ll bring their dog Dreyfuss over to the B & B. I learned very quickly he loves to sit on your lap. Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfast

Bourne bed and breakfastIf you’re looking for a cozy place to stay in the heart of Ogunquit check out Bourne. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did.




Black Sushi

One day I ran into a window washer outside of the Black Sushi House and we started up a conversation on well…window washing. Very interesting right? BUT THEN…

Well, long story short, we got down to the nitty gritty and he was actually the chef. A man who has traveled all over from Thailand to Vietnam and just about anywhere to seek the perfect sushi combinations.

I think he found some.

Every summer after that, I’ve been enjoying delicious creations from the same chef.

You’re going to like what you put in your mouth at this restaurant. IMG_1911

IMG_1899To start you always need the essentials: seaweed salad and edamame.



Blending flavors of sweet and salty perfectly, the squid salad has a huge amount of flavor. IMG_1903

My absolute favorite and what I keep going back for are the oyster shooters. (I actually made sure the owner ordered enough oysters for dinner that night, as they ran out the night before) They are just…exceptional. One of the best places I’ve experienced oysters. IMG_1945


Mango Madness Roll: Spicy tuna, fresh mango, asparagus, & avocado. IMG_1909


Sweet Jesus: I don’t know about sweet but Jesus this roll is good. This bangin’ roll includes escolar, lemon, shiso leaf, avocado and citrus tobiko. Can you say MMMmmm…


Green Eggs and Ham: Dr. Seuss may not have had anything to do with it but I can tell you, you will like these Green Eggs and Ham Sam I am. And if your name isn’t Sam? You’ll still like it…just trust me. This roll includes yellow tail with scallion, avocado and topped with wasabi tobiko. IMG_1908


Black Sushi is located on 259 Main Street. Just give a good hop, skip and a jump from anywhere in Ogunquit and you’ll make it to the front door. I can’t say the same about the walk back…


One of the newest restaurants in Ogunquit, Maine is called Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is a pizza and sandwich restaurant for “grownups” (as if most of us ever really grow up).


It has all open-air seating perfect for beautiful summer days…which it definitely was.



cornerstone -acaffeinatedbrunette.comI was famished from walking down Marginal Way that morning and running around the beach so I started with one of their hearth baked pretzels. It came out hot and steamy. I broke it in half, dipped it in some mustard and popped that bad boy in my mouth faster than you could say humdinger (I was going for the cheesiest word I could find).



I plumped for their homemade infused Sangria which was absolutely refreshing and sweet. Perfect after a long day at the beach.

And for the main meal…

cornerstone -acaffeinatedbrunette.comKings Road sandwich with prosciutto, goat cheese, herb-roasted tomatoes, balsalmic reduction and citrus-herb EVOO.


Lanewood sandwich with turkey, avocado, aged-cheddar, watercress and roasted red-pepper aioli.



I ordered their Tripler with capicolla, Manchego cheese, herb-roasted tomatoes, arugula and roasted red-pepper aioli. (Mine was the best…just saying)

I’m not usually a sandwich person but these sandwiches were so flavorful. Everything was paired perfectly together. So…we went back the next night to try the dinner.

It was that good.

I kept seeing pizzas coming out during lunch and wanted to try them. They looked so tasty!



Before we left Cornerstone (the first time we went) a man told me I HAD to try the Gazpacho. I’m not a huge Gazpacho fan but this was absolute heaven. That man was right. The tomatoes were roasted before-hand and there were tons of fresh herbs mixed in. Your taste buds will give a holler when you try it. cornerstone

After watching many pizzas go out before my eyes I knew what I was ordering…cornerstone -acaffeinatedbrunette.comCitrus Summer Shrimp Pizza with herb-infused oils, Maine shrimp, aged-gouda, lime and scallions.


Chicken Fig Pizza with pulled chicken, fig chutney, mascarpone cheese, fire-roasted tomato sauce and fig-balsalmic glaze. (I also heard from some inside sources the bacon and eggs pizza is a winner)

Both pizzas were exceptional. If you’re in the neighborhood of Oguqnuit, Cornerstone is worth a visit. Find them online here. After another satisfying dinner we strolled around and I quickly found myself back at our cozy B & B hitting my head to the pillow. Home sweet home (for the weekend at least).



A Mini Vacation…or Two


The past week was a bit of a whirlwind.

I went off with my family to Maine for a “relaxing” weekend on the beach, gobbling food and walking around the cute little town they call Ogunquit. I’m a seasoned Mainer (we’ve vacationed there just about every year of my life) so it was a bit of a familiar vacation. I was a happy camper fulfilling my list of usual shops and restaurants to stop in.


As we walked along I found a little gem. I have a minor obsession with vintage bugs. I find them completely adorable. This one won my heart over though, who wouldn’t love Herbie’s brother?IMG_20130602_162235

Over the weekend I was able to enjoy some rays with my friend Mairead on the beach and chatter about our lives and what’s new.

It took me a while to place my toes into the freezing Maine ocean. I can guarantee you the water didn’t go much further than that.


Oh…and how nice of someone to name a restaurant after me…

The day I came back it was already decided I’d be going down to Long Beach Island for some more sun and fun with friends.

I hopped back in the car the next day for a few hours drive down to LBI.


I was able to relax, swim, lose at some mini golf and enjoy even more food that delighted my belly…oh, and visit with some pretty great people.


It was an absolutely beautiful week of mini vacations. I found a ton of great restaurants and places I’ll be telling posting about this week.

Have a beautiful sunshiny week!